Find here links to all articles posted. Conversely, you are of course also free to search to the archives by name or category, whatever suits you best….The categories are:

  1. KoM 101
  2. Heroes & Equipment
  3. Campaign
  4. Troops & War
  5. Tournaments
  6. Game-play & Updates
  7. Cities & Buildings
  8. Alliance

header kom 101

The Kom 101 category covers some of the basics of the game. Although many subjects are covered in the other categories, the KoM101 articles are specifically directed at new players who want to get a head start in the game.

Under Heroes and Equipment you can find anything related to either Heroes, or Hero Equipment…go figure. Here you will find how to use your Heroes, what equipment is available in-game and which of those are best suited for certain tasks, as well as guides to upgrade your gear by either upgrading&enhancing or by embedding Gems.

header campaign

Campaign is a crucial part of the game for farming items, getting resources, and participating in Goblin Kill and Campaign High Score tournaments. Of course, the notorious Smaug also resides in the campaign, reluctantly letting go of his tokens. Here you will find anything to do with campaign, from a walk-through of all the maps, to guides for getting great High Scores!

header troops and war

Under Troops and War all articles are filed that have to do with your armies of Elven or Dwarven troops and how they behave on the battlefield. Information can be found on troop stats, how troops attack an enemy army, and an overview of the exclusive Tactical Troops. Besides that, there are articles on how to train your troops most efficiently and matters related to farming resources from other players.

header tournaments

This category could certainly use some additions, and they are coming. Expect to find here everything related to the range of different tournaments the Hobbit has to offer to its players, along with some tips and strategy on how to be competitive in them!

header gameplay and updates

The Game-play and Updates category contains two types of articles. The Game-play articles deal with subjects related to the game-play of KoM which are not covered in other categories, as well articles on certain game mechanics that work behind the scene. The Update articles cover all the official Kabam updates to the game. These updates are written after the update has released; for more speculative information, go to the Blog page.

header cities and buildings

One of the main goals in this game is to construct and maintain your cities as good as possible. To assist you on this quest, the Cities and Buildings category of articles covers all subjects related to your cities, the buildings they contain, and how they function or operate.

header alliance

The Alliance category lists the few articles that pertain to game features that specifically impact your whole alliance and which do not fit any other category. The two primary subjects right now are the Alliance shop and Alliance Boss Battles, but who knows what the future holds for KoM’s mighty alliances!

12 thoughts on “Index

  1. Hey

    I just want to know if this sides will be doing the same whit the new game elveres vs dwarfs , I really hope so because this is a big help to learn how to play hobbit and get a good idea about the details


  2. I’m a little confused by the ‘gear’ forged in the lake city tower. I won an Oakenshield III, and have my reforge rune. If I press select, which it says I can, what does this do for me? I already have the gear, and yet it requires the oaken shield III in order to forge another one. What is the point of this? I love your site… Keeps me from going crazy when the new stuff hits us.


  3. I have looked but could not find anything on legendary gear upgrades from lvl 1 to 5. Dont unders stand the concept of getting it done. Thanks


  4. You are doing a wonderful job, congratulations !!! But what about the new smaug^- introduced end of october – which enrage the players with his unequitable rewards, to say the least ?


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