Tournaments: Alliance Boss Kill

THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUGThe Alliance Boss Kill tournament got introduced shortly after the introduction of Alliance Bosses on the campaign map. During normal play, the Bosses can be summoned and killed to receive rewards including Vala Stones, gear, Valto runes and Gatherer Stones to level up your City Guardian. During Boss kill tournaments, you get points for killing the bosses. It is a pretty straightforward principle, so this article wil not be that long or complicated.

  • 1. The basics
  • 2. Scoring
  • 3. Tactics
    • 3.1 Go for the highest Boss(es) only
    • 3.2 Use you attack Hero/gear
    • 3.3 Set your timers
    • 3.4 Spending can seal the deal
  • 4. Conclusion


1. The Basics

The basics of this tournament are very simple: You get points for every Alliance Boss Goblin that is killed within the given tournament time-frame. Bosses can be summoned before a tournament start, and as long as their Goblins are killed during the tournament, the Alliance gets points. Contrary to many other tournaments, there only exists an Alliance based variant and not an individual one.

battle list

Bosses can be summoned in the maps Clearing the High Pass, Mirkwood, Moria and Lake-town. For a detailed overview of Alliance Bosses in general and how to summon, please read this article on the subject. Each player can attack one Boss every 4 hour, but for 50 mithril, an extra attack can be bought. Summoning only costs some troops and stamina and can be done as often as possible.

2. Scoring

Scoring is based on two things: The number of Goblins for a given Boss and the level of the Boss leading the Goblins. This means that scores at higher levels grow exponentially as these Bosses are both of higher level AND lead more Goblins into battle.

The base number of points per killed Goblin is 1.44. This number is then multiplied by the Boss level to give the overall maximum score per map:

1.44 * (Boss level) * (number of Goblins)

Of importance to note is the fact that a Boss does NOT need to be killed completely to give points, rather you get points for every Goblin killed. Killing half the Goblin forces will net the Alliance half the maximum points directly, instead of at the moment the Boss is killed completely. Below are the maximum scores for each Alliance Boss in ascending order, and color coded per campaign map:

boss scores

3. Tactics

So when it comes to tactics, there is not that much to discuss, as the procedure is pretty straight forward. But here are some points you might want to take into account:

3.1 Go for the highest Boss(es) only

As seen from the graph in (2.), the Lake-town Bosses offer the highest points by far! You have to kill the highest Moria Boss 7 times to get the same amount of points! It is therefor crucial that everyone attacks the highest Boss they can kill in one shot, or you will be wasting a valuable attack.

Theoretically, it is possible to coordinate attacks with multiple lower level members. Say you have two players who can both kill half the Lake-town lvl 250 Goblins, they could cooperate to take it down in 2 attacks. But there are probably higher level players who can kill this Boss in one shot, so you will most likely be either delaying those players or wasting your attack when such a player attacks after you do.

In short, kill the highest Boss you can kill in one shot with your attack. Which brings us to the next point:

3.2 Use attack Hero/gear

For lower level Bosses, it is fine to attack with your defense Hero/gear, as you will win regardless. But especially the lvl 210 and lvl 250 Lake-town Bosses are so strong, that without runes and proper gear, you will not succeed in killing it in one attack.

attackTo prevent, ALWAYS use your attack Hero/gear when hitting Bosses. With a decent attack hero, even low buff players can take down the 250 Boss. You do not have to worry about troop losses either. Because the Boss battle mechanics are different from normal combat, you will only lose 2k Stone Giants max, which should be a small sacrifice for almost anyone.

If you absolutely, with your best attack gear and runes, cannot kill the lvl 250 Boss, move down the list until you reach a Boss you can kill in one shot.

3.3 Set your alarms

hourglassOne of the most important aspects of this tournament is participation. In other tournaments like TK or GK, the top players with the most free time can carry an Alliance, but here, everyone is limited in the number of attacks possible, and unless you want to spend a lot of mithril, having the entire Alliance on board is crucial.

As soon as the tournament starts, everybody should start attacking the highest summoned Bosses. After you have attacked, set a timer for 4 hours and get in-game to kill the highest Boss again. This is the only way in most cases to even make a chance at winning. During the day this might be trivial, but top Alliance members will set 4 hour timers also during the night.

In short, everyone should participate and everyone should make full use of their attack when the 4 hour timer runs down.

3.4 Spending can seal the deal

Now I dont want to advise doing this, because spending on Boss kills is probably the biggest waste of your money in this game, but unfortunately, there are situations it is necessary IF you want to win, for example when first prize is THAT good that it’s worth it.

I have been in a couple of ABK tournaments where the numbers one and two where too close too tell. In those situations, it can definitely pay off if a few members spend some mithril on extra attacks. Personally I have done this on occasion, but never more than 200 mithril on a tournament. This is of course all up to you to decide. Even if 20 members put in the 50 mithril for one extra attack, that means another 99M points to the score, which could win a tournament.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, this isn’t a very difficult or tactical tournament, and with some rules and smart gear choices, you can come a long way. So:

  1. Only attack the highest Bosses you can kill in one shot
  2. Use your attack Hero/gear on Bosses, as losses are limited anyway
  3. Participation of the entire Alliance is key to winning
  4. Set 4 hour timers to make optimal use of your free attacks
  5. Sometimes, spending some mithril can earn you the win

11 thoughts on “Tournaments: Alliance Boss Kill

  1. So if if there is a very low player on a team does it detract from the team score to hit a boss with say 1 porter to get a share of the boss booty? I was told that practice takes points away from the boss and hurts the team score. That doesn’t seem to make sense to me.


  2. Just a correction on the cooldown timer on the boss kills. Outiside of the tournament it is 4 hours, but during the tournament the cooldown timer is reduced to less than an hour, I think 45 minutes.

    I think this was done to help out smaller alliances take an active part and not miss out on the events, ofcourse it helps the large ones more but atleast they get a chance.


  3. I have heard that when a boss escapes you lose points? Trying to see if that is true and if so, do you lose the points of the troops left on the boss or overall score of the boss?


    • that could possibly be the case, as losing points is a real phenomenon for example when people leave the alliance during certain events. So it could also be that the points for partial kills will be subtracted again when the boss escapes, but I cannot yet confirm this..


      • I was going to use an account on a server I never play anymore, start my own alliance during one of these events, and test some of these theories out. But I do agree that it would make sense to lose points. So summoning a lvl 20 boss during an ally boss kill would be a waste then… If there is an abk this weekend I will try it out.


  4. Excellent! In your tactics part, you say, “kill the highest boss you can.” That’s true if you can kill the 210 or the 250. However, any other kill is “overkill” and you lose points. E.g. A lower level who can kill a 120 might get more points, pairing up with 1 or 2 others, by under killing a 180 or a 200 simply because the one-hit kill wastes some potential damage. That said, it’s complex to organize and the points are such a fraction of the 250 that your heavy hitters are going to, mostly, make or break the tourney.

    Then again, in mine alliance, we’ve been at a higher place by 200k or so… our noobs got us that higher placement.

    Now if only they would introduce rare drops on mines or something were the “instant hit again” could be found… then the spending would be unnecessary. This is definitely a tournament where “spend to win” is entirely feasible. Ironically, we heard of one alliance that spent about 200 mith and bard’s ring dropped… given the recent “spend 2k or 3k mith” to get a bards ring offer that Kabam ran, that’s actually a fantastic deal on top of a win… if spending is your thing. 🙂


    • Still thats a a lot of luck. I got my Bards ring only a week ago or so, after opening hundreds of chests, so spending that 200 mith in the hopes of getting it form that is like buying a Cinco the Mithril chest in the hopes of getting 1000 mithril lol.

      Thanks for the comments!


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