New Campaign map: Lake-town-Along the Shore

bardgearannouncementToday a new campaign map was released, continuing the Lake-town themed updates lately: Lake-town: Along the Shore. It is a rather short map, consisting of only 2 parts, comprising 10 maps total. Rewards for the map parts are pretty nice, with a lot of resources to be farmed from the two boss levels. Of course, the might of the Goblins also increases exponentially, so the boss levels stick out at 7.2m and 14.4m might (!). Numbers we are used to see from temporary maps, but this one seems permanent.

Other features include:

The two map parts spawn a 210 and 250 Alliance Boss, which drops Lake-Town Advanced chests, containing the following items:

laketown boss drops


Besides the Bosses, a number of levels also offer possible drops for Bard’s gear. Bard’s gear is a new set of gear aimed at Bard, the new Hero in Lake-town. The gear can be farmed/unlocked sequentially by going through the new campaign, killing the Alliance Bosses, and trading in Sage Tower. For many of the drops in campaign, you need to use Bard to attack and equip him with his gear you already have unlocked. A post about how to acquire the full set can be found HERE.

The info for this map has been added to the Campaign map which you can find HERE.

11 thoughts on “New Campaign map: Lake-town-Along the Shore

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  2. Is there a possibility to do the 7.2 mill and the 14.4 mill lvls in one shot, or does it jus take a few waves? And if so, could you advise the best troops to send when i don’t have gear equipped? Thanks for this wonderful site!!


  3. Any info on how to kills these bosses in one hit? I love this site! Such great information. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!


    • yes! For most bosses, defense gear is preferred to keep losses to minimum. But that means attack is weaker, and with the 250 boss, it means, also for me, that one shotting him with defense gear (without RoF) doesnt work.

      Solution is to just switch to attack gear (necro+bow). Send like 6k Giants and rest MR and you should have no problem one shotting the 250….


    • Hi, my experience:
      3 necro + 2 repl, or black arrow (or/with tauriel bow) + 2(1) necro + 2 repl (of course all 10lvl and 4-5 gems in all) & 4k battering rams + MR & 20 runes


          • I have so much damn Necro and Replenishing i wish i could gift it away. One premium in particular gave out tons. Farm Smaug for tokens, build up for a GOOD 1 token premium. After a few crappy ones they usually have to give us a great one to save face. Ever since the Wheel with all the Token Chests (actually was called N….. i forgot), the wheel and premium has been crappy. I built up like 1500 tokens from that wheel, they were dropping like flies. One of those chests could give up to 60 tokens, usually no less than 4 but i must have averaged 15-20. Havent seen them since.


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