Troop Attack Order

Updated with all new troops and attack orders! 14-01-2015

D_Dwarven_PhalanxBack in the days of Tier 1-3 and Wall, we knew which troops would be targeted first by an attacking army. Wall troops die first, then Tier 1-3 fighting troops, then lastly the supply troops. This held no matter what troops you sent at a city. The only ‘exception’ to this was the fact that a Dwarf army would (and will) attack Elven reinforcements first and vice versa, leading to the infamous cart rein shenanigans.

But unfortunately for us, the Tactical Troops messed this up, as they seemed to prefer other targets over the Wall troops to attack first, flanking the enemy armies and attacking the weak points at the back. For some Tactical Troops little changed, but for some, the order in which they attack enemy armies is a mess. This post lists all the attack orders for all troops available in the game right now, and will be updated when the new Tactical Troops are introduced.


Below are given the complete attack orders for all troops. I made an graphic overview, but for people who prefer text, it is given in text form at the bottom as well. The information given here is vital in TK competitions, both for attacking or for defending your city. You can have all the T1 in the world, but Woodsmen completely ignore that and go straight for your Giants and Mammoths. Conversely, Mammoths can be used as a meat shield to protect against massive Woodmen attacks. Whatever the case, use this information to your advantage when attacking or defending your own troops!


Tier 1-5/Pikemen/Longbowmen

  1. Wall Tier 1-3
  2. Woodsmen
  3. Stone Giants
  4. Lyncean Raiders
  5. Lake-town Pikemen
  6. Tier 1-5
  7. Supply Tier 1-5
  8. Master Rangers
  9. Lake-town Longbowmen
  10. Pack Mammoths

Master Rangers

  1. Wall Tier 1-3
  2. Woodsmen
  3. Stone Giants
  4. Lyncean Raiders
  5. Master Rangers
  6. Lake-town Pikemen
  7. Tier 1-5
  8. Supply Tier 1-5
  9. Pack Mammoths
  10. Lake-town Longbowmen

Stone Giant

  1. Wall Tier 1-3
  2. Woodsmen
  3. Stone Giant
  4. Lyncean Raiders
  5. Tier 1-5
  6. Lake-town Pikemen
  7. Supply Tier 1-5
  8. Master Rangers
  9. Pack Mammoths
  10. Lake-town Longbowmen

Lyncean Rider

  1. Wall Tier 1-3
  2. Lake-town Longbowmen
  3. Woodsmen
  4. Stone Giant
  5. Lyncean Raider
  6. Pack Mammoth
  7. Supply Tier 5-1 (reverse order!)
  8. Tier 1
  9. Lake-town Pikemen
  10. Tier 2
  11. Master Ranger
  12. Tier 3-5


  1. Woodsmen
  2. Stone Giant
  3. Pack Mammoth
  4. Tier 5-4
  5. Supply Tier 5
  6. Master Ranger
  7. Lyncean Raider
  8. Tier 3
  9. Wall Tier 3
  10. Supply Tier 4
  11. Supply Tier 3
  12. Tier 2
  13. Wall Tier 2
  14. Tier 1
  15. Lake-town Pikemen
  16. Supply Tier 2
  17. Wall Tier 1
  18. Supply Tier 1
  19. Lake-town Longbowmen


31 thoughts on “Troop Attack Order

  1. Since the recent update (12.4) woodies no longer hit woodies before hitting mammoths. They do still hit stone giants, though.


    • Turns out, Enchanters hit woodies, though, and they _also_ skip over wall to hit them. Perhaps some of the advantage of woodies was moved to enchanters for city attacks? Enchanters are crazy powerful — a perfect match for a brawler hero (16x artamir, mixed gear).

      Here’s an example of how powerful Enchanters can be now:

      Knowing their full attack order, as well as the other attack order changes, would be useful. It’s a lot of work to figure out. 🙂


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    • Never open when someone sends transports at you. They’ll just bomb you.

      If you want, put some troops on your wall. Doesn’t take many to block farming sends as long as you have a good defender (all artamir 8/9 and rainbow 6s, with perfect leg1 or 2 defense gear and 8-10m wall troops usually bores the strongest of attackers).


      • Another thing: even 1 stone shepherd has been known to completely absorb a FULL wave of mammoths. With a *11 wall, we could train up to 6… they’re super powerful.

        That image shows a sample attack with a single stone shepherd blocking 100% of the damage done by 120k pack mammoths (and it wasn’t a naked attacking hero). This wouldn’t work without some backing troops, of course, because 1 stone shepherd can’t kill all the mammoths in just one round. But, it should work with the size of wall we can train these days (millions of troops).


  3. So I’m still relatively new to the game and had a question? So when deciding which troops to send does the actually order in which I select them matter?


  4. I’m still trying to figure out what the new tactical troops are good for. What really sets them apart from other troops? Have you noticed whether the pikemen/bowmen get better ratios from Laketown? Or are more effective against goblins when campaigning from Laketown?


  5. Now that we can train tactical troops, I’m more ready to throw them about. It occurred to me, when looking at this chart, that Raiders could make really good defenders for the casual farming most people do with just a few carts or wagons. Since the raiders hit those first, even if the force had some tiered troops with them, the carts would go first, which would mean less stuff goes away with the attacking force.

    On the flip side, now that we know what they’re worth — most TT are 4m gold per 1k — I’m almost less inclined to put them in a situation to lose them, so this chart helps again to figure out how to shield them. (4m gold may not have taken long to farm before, but now that we can all sink 4m gold with just training 1k troops, I think it’ll be harder than ever to get the gold. Have to figure out how to make hitting Smaug profitable… 😉 )

    Thanks for the chart. Is there any chance of getting an update with LT pikemen and LT longbowmen in place? They don’t seem to quite fit the mold, either, and longbowmen appear to have some similarities to MR.


  6. I noticed the last TK tourney that MR’s are being used more and seem to do some damage when attacking with t1’s and if you close when reinforced and get hit; the hero with the reins defends with the troops.


  7. The graph and text contradict each other but I think the picture is wrong and the text is right in that T1-5 and SG now attack woodmen before SG. Seems absurd but it’s true. WTF is point of woodmen now if they can’t be shielded?


    • Graph is incorrect indeed, text is. I never thought the Woodmen were supposed to be shieldable. I dont see any major changes though for gameplay.

      We have already seen massive amounts of stone giants being moved out of cities, now woodsmen will follow. Thats for defense.

      Offensively, I dont think anything at all changed. The only time it changes is when you attack an opponent who is roughly similar size. But mostly you will be attacking much larger armies.

      So if the enemy has Woodmen in their ranks, they are easy TKs due to low defense, so attack away.

      If they moved out Woodmen but left Giants, atack with Woodmen, just like before.

      If they have neither Woodmen nor Giants, its just normal battle right?

      Maybe it is because I NEVER used Woodmen in armies I expected to return, that this does not affect me or bother me…?


  8. What about building an excel file or something telling you what troops best to attack with knowing your enemies army after scouting? I would visit this post quite often!!! Is it possible?


    • not really…Maybe with a ton of time, or some awesome programming, but Im not gonna spend that much time on something so small. Just use this information and guess from experience what troops to send in which ratios.


    • uhm, how about NOT?!?! Lol, MR/columns=no TK might…Mammoth/Porter=almost no TK might. Thats a lost battle from the get go.

      But if you really want, use SG to shield from MR and fill up with T5 or something..


  9. Many thanks for this most valuable and long waited post 🙂 Only a few of it I was really aware (found accidently Lynceans killing Mammoths first) but based on the complete picture complete new attack wave strategies can be build. May an amendment of the article about the inherent effectiveness would be nice. E.g. I see Woodmen killing Stone Giants with tremendous quota. Many thanks for all you work!


  10. Another awesome post. Attacking with Lyncean riders used to be one of my favorites before people on my server caught on. Many people would build massive amounts of carts or wagons to use as meat shields for hitting Smaug during Goblin Kill events since they are cheap to build compared to troops and they don’t cost any might when killed. I would clear their wall and tactical troops then send a wave of Lyncean riders to wipe out their million or more carts. TK gain would be in their favor due to supply having 0 might and Raiders having 100, but their anger at losing so many supply troops without their others fighting was priceless. Really helped your alliance as well if it was done during or just prior to an alliance Goblin Kill tourney as it meant they couldn’t attack Smaug as much or they would need to use regular troops to do it which would then hurt their might and ability to do the next TK tourney.


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