Hero Equipment: How to acquire Bard’s Gear

bard heroWith the new Lake-town campaign map, players have the opportunity to farm the levels for Bard’s gear or get them from the new Alliance Bosses. But unlike other drops, the gear requires other gear to be farmed before it becomes available in most cases. Just like with constructing some buildings, you need to work your way up if you want the complete set of Bard’s gear. Below is an overview of the dependencies of all pieces of gear, where and how you can find them, and how to complete the Bard’s set.

Below is an overview of the basic dependencies of all Bard’s gear pieces: The amulet, ring, leather coat, bow and black arrow, the first multi-tiered gear piece. Some pieces can be farmed directly, while the others require other Bard gear items to be equipped by Bard for them to drop:

bard gear tree

The possible drops have also been included in the campaign spread sheet, which I recommend to keep at hand, but the drop spots will also be mentioned here. So here are, in text, the steps to get a full Bard’s gear set (please note I have simply numbered the Lake-town campaign levels 1-10):

  1. Bard’s Leather Coat (no requirements)Can be farmed from Lake-town levels 1-9.
  2. Bard’s Amulet (no requirements). Drops from the 210 Alliance Boss from the first part of the Lake-town map.
  3. Bard’s Ring (no requirements). Drops from the 250 Alliance Boss from the second part of the Lake-town map.
  4. Bard’s Bow (requires Bard+Coat OR Amulet equipped)Drops from Lake-town levels 6-9.
  5. Bard’s Black Arrow (requires Bard+Bow OR Ring equipped)Drops from Lake-town map 5.
  6. Smaug’s Damaged Scale (requires Bard+Black Arrow)Drops from Lake-town map 10.
  7. Bard’s Black Arrow I (requires Black Arrow AND Smaug’s Damaged Scale). First level upgrade for the normal Black Arrow. Can be traded in the Sage or Lake-town tower for the normal Black Arrow and Scale.

And these are the steps to get the complete set. Please note that steps 2 and 3 can be skipped and are in essence not necessary to get to the top Black Arrow I. Likewise, if you got the Amulet from the Alliance Boss, you do not need the Coat to progress on the tree to the Black Arrow I.

EDIT: To clarify, the language of the requirements in the maps make it seem as if a lot of the “OR”s above should be “AND”s, but I am (for now at least) going by the email that Kabam send out and which can be seen below:


64 thoughts on “Hero Equipment: How to acquire Bard’s Gear

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  2. i have never been able to get the bow…world 174…have bard I with claw III, blk arrow III, leather coat, bard amulet, bard ring. have worked along the shore 6-9 a thousand times, opened dozens of LT-loot III chests which r supposed to drop the bow. never once, nothing. is it still avail? i want it just for hee-haws at this point


  3. I dunno but I have Bards “coat”, “bow” and “ring” and when i attack Lake-Twon marsh (I have done it pritty many times) I never get the black arrow, it doesn’t even stand anymore that “Bards black arrow” drops. Have they changed it in a update??


  4. If I’m going after a piece that requires bard to be wearing a gear, like I want a damaged scale from last map of lake town, do I also need to attack with bard? Or will it work if I attack with another hero altogether as long as bard is equipped with the arrow? Thanks!


  5. What would Bards Black Arrow I with these stats be best for?6
    9.6% attack, 18.7% attack, 36.10% -LF debuff, 36.10% -attack debuff?
    Since its mixing the defensive and offensive debuffs is this set up any good?


  6. I hit the 7.2 m goblin in first page and got bards coat, then a tournament of spenders came on and my alliance won 3 legendary equipment chests and I got bards black arrow


  7. I did get speed as the random enhancement on my 2nd black arrow 1 however my first was indeed an upgrade.. It has two Attack attributes and two -life attributes .. From what I understand quite rare .. So it is possible for black arrow 1 to be better than the pre-trade black arrow..


  8. Hi! Could you explain what you mean where you State that bards bow “drops from laketown level 6-9”. Which level? How to get there?


    • The bosses work better with your attack hero for some reason. My campaign hero can’t kill the 250 but only loses 1800 t1 on a 200. Necro with Ochrist makes short work of the 250. I send Mr with a t5 meat shield.


  9. I have a question about the ring and amulet. I have the coat, bow, and arrow, but I’m having trouble with the ring and amulet. Do you get them with summoning the lvl 210 and 250 allience bosses or from killing? I have done both several times and get nothing?


  10. Also worthy of note – I have one member in my alliance who has hit over FOUR THOUSAND TIMES trying to get Bard’s Bow, and he has gotten nothing yet.

    And still counting…. bard’s Bow seems to be one of the more rare items.

    The sad thing is that Bard’s Gear is mainly useless except for his Black Arrow.


  11. Also, on the forums I was speaking with a Kabam Moderator. He said that the e-Mail is correct. If it says “xx OR xx”, then that is correct.

    His advice to me was: “If the proper chests are dropping, then the item IS in there. The chests will only drop if all requirements are met.”


  12. I was “per$i$tent” (Kabam’s real definition)!enough to get Bard’s Black Arrow I the first day of the campaign. I made the mistake of upgrading Bard’s Black Arrow to Legendary Status before reading thoroughly what that “upgrade” actually was. Let your readers beware, it’s actually a legendary “downgrade”.

    The original Bard’s Black Arrow had three (3) attributes that gave you a total of 56.1% Attack buff + 18.7% -foe Troop Life DeBuff. This was excellent. However, when you upgrade to Bard’s Black Arrow I, they remove one of the original Attack buffs and cut a second one in half for a total of 28.3% Attack buff. They double the -foe Troop Life DeBuff to -36.10, and the fourth attribute is allegedly “random”, however, myself included, I’ve heard LOTS of stories about people getting Troop Limit increases and Speed Buffs.

    The ONLY way that Bard’s Black Arrow I is better than the original Bard’s Black Arrow is if you get lucky and get your 4th attribute (the random one) as an attack buff, a life buff, or either of the -foe Debuffs. Except that the overwhelming majority seems to be getting either Troop Limit Increases or Speed increases. Because of this, I was forced to get multiple Bard’s Black Arrow items, so that I could leave them as “original” and not Legendary.

    Also worthy of noting, Bard’s Black Arrow And Bard’s Black Arrow I are considered SHIELDS, so after much testing with my alliance (_ENVY_ in Dwalin32), we have discovered that Bard’s Black Arrow and Bard’s Black Arrow I are part of the new “best Attack” get configuration.

    We did these tests both with zero gems embedded, as well as every piece of gear equipped with four (4) level 6 gems applied. You will get the best ratios, in order, with the following gear equipped.

    Best Attack Gear #1 (Ideal): Tauriel’s Bow + Bard’s Black Arrow + Necromantic Gear Set

    Best Attack Gear #2 (Ideal): Tauriel’s Bow + Bard’s Black Arrow I (Legendary) + Necromantic Gear Set

    Best Attack Gear #3 (If Bard’s Black Arrow is Unavailable): Tauriel’s Bow + Necromantic Gear Set

    Also, something worthy of noting:

    Bard’s Black Arrow (Original) Base Stats
    400 Attack
    2,000 Life (2,300 if equipped to Bard)

    Bard’s Black Arrow I (Legendary) Base Stats
    400 Attack
    2,400 Life (3,000 if equipped to Bard)


      • It took me about 10 hits to get Bard’s Coat.

        It took me about 35-40 Chests to get Bard’s Ring.

        It took me about 450-475 hits for Bard’s Black Arrow. Took me about 700 more hits for my Second Bard’s Black Arrow.

        It took me about 950-975 HITS for Smaug’s Damaged Scale.

        Hopefully this helps those who are unsure of what Kabam’s definition of “per$i$tence” is.


  13. I have gained all of bards gear besides the amulet and black arrow 1. The drop rates for the Bow and the Black Arrow are terrible, but the bow does only require the coat OR amulet and the arrow does only require the blw OR ring.


  14. Im in server 169 and im trying to get the bards jacket, however i have not completed the last mission on the first map. I think this means that the jacket wont drop based on the loot tables until the map is cleared. Im not sure can you confirm?


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