Update 12.2: Box sliders and Hero Skills!

bard heroSo a rather late message on the newest update 12.2, which hit while a was on holiday, but too good not to mention anyways. This update brought some very cool changes to the game-play and added a completely new game aspect as well: Hero Skills. Starting with that, here are all the changes from the newest Hobbit update:

  • Hero Skills. Heroes will now be able to learn and use skills which can increase certain attributes, such as resource mining and combat stats. Skills are gathered in the Academy and bestowed upon your Heroes, after which they can be leveled up. A more thorough article on this later on!
  • Box sliders. Finally Kabam has put sliders where they are useful: on all your chests. No longer endlessly tapping those darn Sack of Might, but mass opening 100 at a time. Just after release, you could open all you had, but for some reason the max is now 100 chests, which is still a big improvement.
  • More gear storage. Extra gear storage can be bought in your forges. For 20 mith you get 5 additional slots for a max of 50 extra slots for 200 mith. Worth it? Doubtful. Available? Yes…
  • Goblin search cool-down reduced. Watch-tower cool-down has been reduced to 2 hours instead of 4.
  • Gem VII combining? There have been some reports of certain servers being able to combine Artamir VI into VII, but I cannot confirm this and just hope this gets to all servers soon….

6 thoughts on “Update 12.2: Box sliders and Hero Skills!

  1. I can’t figure out how to put specific gear into forge storage so I can trade for upper level gear….
    Lv. I, II, III Legendary gear.
    I’ve got well over 100 slots with many unfilled.
    Not sure how that goes…?

    I’ll take any advice!… Please & thanks
    I’m CowboyClay at RnbowWarTribe in Anor, and TreeMaster420 in Ebrador.. (spell check)


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