CHS: The double-tap

smaug thumbnailFor most levels in campaign, attacking them is straightforward. You select an army and hero to attack, attack, and presto….you either win or lose. Whatever the case, the next time you attack that camp, the camp has been reset and all Goblins are there again.

But on the boss levels, this is different, and losing on those maps will leave the remaining Goblin force waiting for you for the next round of combat. How many Goblins still stand is indicated by the boss health bar when you click on the level.

It is been long known that finishing off the boss levels in multiple attacks also gives (potentially) much higher High Scores, if done properly. But not many people know how or why this is. In this article, I will provide some information on why this is and how can you can figure out your best attack pattern.


1. Why the double-tap works

THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUGDouble tapping (or triple or even more) works because when you attack a boss level and do not defeat it, the remaining Goblins stay there, until you attack them again and kill them, or press the reset button. While normally your score is determined on the basis of one winning attack, in the case of boss levels scores are determined based ONLY on the last (finishing) attack. Nothing you do before it matters.

Now as you know, your score tends to increase when you limit your losses and lower the amounts of troops you send in your attack.Couple this to the above paragraph, and you can see that we can lower the amount of troops and losses we suffer on a boss level, by first bringing down the number of Goblins a fair bit. Then, we can send a relatively small amount of troops in our final (scoring) attack to kill the remaining Goblins and get a better high score.

Lastly you need to know that there is a limit to how you should drive your losses. We could theoretically kill enough Goblins, such that on our last attack, we lose no Stone Giants. But it turns out that the optimal number of Giants to lose in the final attack is 3. I cannot provide a mathematical background to show you why, as I did not do this math myself, but suffice to say it is inherent to the formulas used for combat and campaign scores.

2. How to do the double-tap yourself

So now that we have some understanding on why the double-tap works, let’s see how we can set this up ourselves. Remember that we want to bring the Goblin amount down to where our last attack only loses us 3 Stone Giants.

2.1 Prepare the Goblins

So we start with preparing the Goblins. First we need to eliminate the Goblin troop types that will die first, and leave the third standing. In most/all cases for boss levels, this will be mounted Goblins. This is because in CHS, our main attacking force are Master Rangers (ranged troops), which first attack Foot, then Ranged, and lastly Mounted.


Theoretically we could use MR to bring down the Goblin number, but most people go for T5 ranged troops. Why this is exactly I do not know, but my guess is that MR have so much attack that it is difficult to predict exact numbers of Goblins killed, due to a small random factor in CHS.

One advice is to use small amounts of T5 ranged in order to not overshoot it and kill either too many mounted Goblins or even all Goblins. Once you have done this a few times, you will get a hang of what number of T5 ranged to send (write down these numbers!).

The remaining number of Goblins is denoted by the Boss health bar, so you should get that number down to the number of Mounted Goblins in that camp.

  • Attack a boss level with T5 ranged until only mounted Goblins remain.

2.2 Figuring out remaining Goblins

Once we are left with just mounted Goblins, we need to figure out how many we can leave standing to get only 3 of our Stone Giants to die. So we should leave enough Goblins such that the 4th Giant barely survives. To figure out this number, do the following:

  • Note down the number of remaining mounted Goblins
  • Attack the remaining Goblins with a full Stone Giant march (you should win)
  • Note down the number of Giants that died in the attack

stone giantNow we have the numbers to calculate the amount of Goblins we need to leave, by dividing the amount of remaining Goblins by the number of Giants they killed. If we started this attack with 10.000 remaining Goblins and they kill 5 Stone Giants, we know it takes roughly 2.000 Goblins to kill one Giant, thus we should leave around 6000 Goblins for our final attack.

  • Calculate number of mounted Goblins that should remain

2.2.1 Narrowing down the number (optional)

The number gotten from 2.2 is in some cases still a bit too inaccurate, so we can narrow this number down even more. Only do this when you really want to get the best scores and want to invest the time to find out.

If we take the example from 2.2 in which 5 Stone Giants are killed, in actuality, the Goblins could have killed between 5 and 5.99.. Giant: It could be that the fourth Giant only had 1 HP left, almost being killed. In such a case, again using the above example, it actually takes around 1.700 Goblins to kill one Giant, and we need to leave 5.100 Goblins standing instead of 6.000.

It is possible to better judge the number of Goblins if we repeat step 2.2 a few times but leave different amounts of Mounted Goblins standing. That way you will collect a number of results, with different amounts of Goblins killing different amounts of Giants. If we average those numbers, we can get a better estimate of how many Goblins it takes to take out one Giant.

  • Narrow down the exact number of Goblins to be left by repeating the process a few times with different amounts of mounted Goblin remaining.

2.3 Figuring out Master Rangers

master rangerNow that we have figured out how many Goblins we need to leave standing, we need to know how many MR we need to send with our Giants. We can do this two ways. We could keep setting up the right amounts of remaining Goblins, start with a lot of MR, and slowly decrease the number of MR on each attack until you reach the optimum number.

However this will take a lot of time, because for each attack, you will need to carefully get the remaining amount of Goblins just right. What is better is to do the same as we did with the Giants to figure out their number, but in reverse.

First you will want to prepare the Goblins again like we did in 2.1. Next, instead of attacking with a very large army of Giants, attack with a really small amount of MR. So small, that you know for sure it is wiped out in one combat round. Here is how it goes:

  • Prepare the Goblins per 2.1
  • Attack with a small amount of MR that get’s defeated in one round
  • Note how many Goblins they manage to kill

Now again, we can divide the number of killed Goblins by the number of MR we sent to find out how many Goblins one MR can kill. Now it just a matter of dividing the number of Goblins we should leave standing (which we found in 2.2) by this number to calculate how many MR we need to defeat them all.

4. Adding up the numbers

Now we have all the numbers we need. We know how many Goblins we need to leave standing, and we know how many Giants and MR it takes to take them out in the final attack. Make sure to add at least one extra Giant to account for the random factor, so send 4(or 5) Giants and the number of MR you calculated. Since the Giants themselves also have a small amount of attack, it is unlikely you need to add more.

So I hope this article has given you an introduction to the art of double-tapping bosses. It can be really difficult to figure this out on your own and making sense of the scores the boss levels give you, so I hope this helps a bit with that. Took me quite a while, and still I do not know the exact math behind it…

One last time the complete sequence:

  1. Take out all Foot and Ranged Goblins with T5 ranged
  2. Note the number of remaining Goblins
  3. Kill the Goblins with a full wave of Giants
  4. Calculate the number of Goblins needed to kill one Giant
  5. Calculate the amount of Goblins that can kill just under 4 Giants
    1. Narrow down this number if you wish
  6. Take out all Foot and Ranged Goblins with T5 ranged
  7. Send a small wave of MR, that loses in one round
  8. Calculate the number of Goblins one MR can kill
  9. Calculate the number of MR needed to kill the amount of Goblins from point 5.

And then, using the numbers found in 5. and 9.:

  1. Use T5 ranged to bring down the Goblins to the correct number (5.)
  2. Finish the remaining Goblins with 4-5 Giants and MR (9.)



39 thoughts on “CHS: The double-tap

  1. Can u do help with double tapping and chs for the classic servers as they only have basic troops no higher than t3 so any help and input would be very much appreciated:)))


  2. I’ve found that after the second attack the report (in the messages) shows the correct troops sent and killed BUT the report in the Boss level shows the final attack as containing all troops sent in both attacks.
    The one sent to reduce the goblin troops and the one sent to kill the final troops. Therefore the final score is low as all the troops killed by the boss are included.

    Has this been fixed in the latest releases?


  3. please help I have thorin 3 with orcrist2 thorins fur2 the peak oakenshield3 and the one ring2 are these the best for campaigning or is something else better


  4. I have found a small hitch in figuring out how many MR you need….
    the fewer the goblins the stronger the MRS…. like 100 MRS first kills 20000 goblins (of 70000), next hit with 100 MRS wipes the last 50000????


  5. Hi congratulations on the page helps a lot but I do not I get the double tap and tried several times and on my second attack killed 3g but my score does not increase someone help me


  6. Best way for perfect double tap:
    Works only for the three smaugs, find smaug and along the shore…

    I use 2 diffrent hero for generating maximum chs

    First attack Elrond, off Gear Tauriel Bow III, bilbos cloak II, smaugs tooth II, bards black arrow II, elronds ring II everything is perfect, skills 1x revival, 4x bullseye II all level 5
    Second Attack Thorin deff Gear Orkrist II, Fur II, Oakenshield III, the one ring II, deff amulet
    Skills 1x breathe of life, 4x deffense mounted troops

    I tried a lot of attacks to find my troop values…it needs a lot of time, make a chart with every informations like troops after first attack, gear, hero, skills, vitality….

    Greetz streicher


  7. great article. i was confused until i started doing EXACTLY what the article says to do.. I’m a shade tree physicist, so math is usually no problem.. however, their algorithms leave a lot to be desired n make it difficult to figure out the nuances of the non-boss map spots. i will be calculating troop losses, and point differences, with different skill sets, to fine tune, and report back results. And this ONLY works on the 3 largest bosses, and map 5/5 on moria (to a much smaller extent there, tho).
    good work, BM, n thanks for the article.
    -cheers, n hoppy habbiting, all 😉


  8. I still don’t get it. I managed to kill remaining goblin with 50SGs and 3 SGs casualties on 2nd tap but my score didn’t increase.


  9. Double Tapping works perfect, but only for the 3 big bosses (smaugs) and your calculation is not corrcect.
    i have more then 2.5b points in the full CHS, for the 3 bosses i get 1b points.

    it depents to the equipment and the gems. and also the buff have a big effect. the leader on our server 154bifur, has 2.8b points in chs


      • here my details, i need much more troops to hold a vitality of 3 stone giants

        my deff hero is thorin with complete perfect equipment level 2 8 niners artamir and 12 seveners deff gems, activated moral boost
        first attack i use thorin as a mixed hero with off amulet and off weapon with 8 niners more, so i am able to reduce the troops of the first attack
        find smaug first attackt 145 gala archers 2. attack 15000 master rangers and 5 stone giants
        along the shore first attack 230 gala archers 2nd attack 30000mwl 15 stone giants
        along the shore 1st attack 500 gala archers 2nd attack 500 stone giants 40000

        i get more than 300m points per level

        i hope it helps 😉

        greetz streicher


  10. Either I have totally missed the point, or double-tapping doesn’t work on 254. When I followed the instructions I got less than half my normal score with just SG and MR. I am using Elrond with max defensive gear and mostly full of Art. 8s.

    First off, I hit the boss on Moria map 4 with 47 Galadrim Archers and left 3603 Warg Ridrs. I then hit the 3603 Warg Riders with 10 SGs and lost 5SGs. 3603/5 = 721 WR per SG. 721×4 = 2884 WRs taken out by 4 SG. I then hit a fresh boss with 47 GAs, which left 3558 WRs. I hit the 358 WRs with 5 MRs and killed 2675 WRs. 2675/5 = 535 WR/MR.

    So using your notes I should use 47 GAs to take the WRs down to about 3600. I should then hit the 3600 WRs with 4 SGs (which take out 2884 WRs) plus 2 MRs to take out the remaining 716 WRs.

    Like I said, when I did this I only got about 17m points compared to my normal 44m points with straight SGs and MRs.

    Can you tell what I’m doing wrong?



  11. Hi i tried to do this but after hitting with T5 on azog (last chart of Moria) i discovered the troops were restored when i took them out bij max SG.
    So i am confused.
    Did i do something wrong?


    • to be more precise , when i zero a certain goblin type, the next time it’s restored, so probably you have to attack in such way there will be left of each type, correct me if i am wrong plse


  12. hi Beardmonkey, overall good advices, however this one doesnt work somehow… I tried several times and the T5 loss counts to the efficiency so the result is weak. Does it still work or was it corrected by Kabam? Cheers, Mith


  13. By doing the Boss double-tap, do you have one hero setup for the T5 troops, and a different hero setup for the take-down, with each hero having their own set of gear/gems/skills?


  14. J’ai essayé le double tap sur le boss Smaug mais à la fin je ne fais pas de score meilleur car il calcule toutes les troupes avec lesquelles j’ai attaqué.. Ai je fait quelques choses que je devais pas faire, ou alors j’ai pas tout compris..


      • I translate 😉 “I tried the double tap on Smaug but the score is lower because it is calculated with all troups used from the begining. Did I messed up or I did not undertood ?”

        Personnally I tried also but my figures on the higher boss with attack hero (wih 8s and 7s gems) are 1 giant for 365 goblins and 1 MR or for 1800 goblins. My last attack attack is with 3 giants and 1MR on 800 remaining goblins. 3 giants killed. My score : a poor 2m.
        I am in same position than Jenny


        • cant comment on specific cases, but did you sue the correct set-up with right gear and gems and runes and stuff? Please note that double tapping does not work on bosses of lower levels….


  15. Once again – great explanation and article. I also understand there is a website that you can pay $8 to have your campaign troops and numbers all sent to you based on your skills level (hero, gear, guardian, etc.) I hope people don’t waste their money and follow your instructions.


  16. if you want a higher score, than equip a legendary hero (or a normal but you get fewer points with it) with your normal campaing gear and the skills brave of life, and 4x whoa there II. Youre score should be increase about 20m couse only mounted troops left and whoa there II reduces attack of mounted goblins.


    • Won’t this skill set up leave you at a disadvantage in levels other than boss? Unless you have a separate hero you’d be better off with 4x broken bows to protect your Giants – infantry from the troops they are weakest against, ranged. Or does the points benefit from the boss levels outweigh all the benefit on other levels? Cheers


      • There are a few levels where different skills make a small difference, but it is small compared to the gains on the boss levels. Most levels it makes no difference though.


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