Masters Season 1 tournament series

trophy-cupA new series of tournaments has been announced by Kabam: The Masters Season 1. The series of events spans the entire remainder of the month of February, consisting of both individual and alliance based tournaments, in which special items to track progress can be won. Also, prizes will consist of special items that can be traded in in the Sage Tower for various prizes, giving the players freedom to spend their earnings on whatever prize they need most! Considering the name, there will likely be more Master Seasons in the future. In this article I will provide all known information about the tournament series 1 as it plays out.

  • 1. Series in a nutshell
  • 2. Schedules
  • 3. Sage Tower trade-ins
  • 4. Season 1 prizes
    • 4.1 Alliance prizes
    • 4.2 Individual prizes


1. Series in a nutshell

Much of this has already been stated in the opening paragraph, but he who doesn’t like some repetition? Basically, the Master Series play out like normal tournament series. There are individual and alliance based tournaments in which you and your alliance will compete to win prizes. But here are the three differences with normal tournaments:

  1. Instead of actual prizes, you win Season Coins and Season Tokens. One token is equal to 25 Coins.
  2. With these Season Coins and Tokens, you can select your prizes yourself in the Sage Tower. These trades refresh every now and then so be sure to cash in prizes before they disappear!
  3. Besides Coins and Tokens, you will also win Season Trophies. These are used to track progress, and additional prizes will be awarded to the best players and alliances over the entire season. Note that 5 Tokens can be traded in for 1 Trophy in the Sage Tower as well.


2. Schedules

Schedules will be released for the tournaments, but currently only the schedule for week 1 has been released. Other schedules will follow when they are released as well.

2.1 Week 1 (feb 9 – feb 15)

Schedule graphic retrieved from original Kabam forum post.


2.2 Week 2 (feb 16 – feb 22)

It looks as if the schedule is identical to the one of week 1 for now.

3. Sage Tower trade-ins

The following trade-ins have been available in the Sage Tower for either Season Coins or Season Tokens. Please note that Tokens can be traded in for Coins, but not the other way around. There is no guarantee that this will become available in future trade-ins, so for now, once traded for coins, the Token prizes cannot be bought anymore! For all trades, either Coins or Tokens, the equivalent number of Token or Coins are given in grey.

Note: If you want to spend Tokens and Coins on the Battle Cry or Shield Wall chest, go for the option with 100 coins, as it is cheaper than the 5 token trade. So far, this has been the only trade in which there is a difference between token and coin trade-ins.

prizelist 2

4. Season 1 prizes

As mentioned in (1.), the tournament series does not only reward top alliances and individual players for the different tournaments, but also keep track of the overall score using the Trophies, which will be used to grant overall Season 1 prizes for the best Alliances and players across the servers. Recently Kabam sent out an email with these prizes:

4.1 Alliance prizes

  1. Thorin’s Fur I, 5x Smaug Damaged Scale, 500MM
  2. Beorn’s Axe I, 4x Smaug Damaged Scale, 400MM
  3. Beorn’s Axe I, 3x Smaug Damaged Scale, 300MM
  4. Sting I, 2x Smaug Damaged Scale, 200MM
  5. Sting I, 1x Smaug Damaged Scale, 100MM
  6. -10. Bilbo Cloak I, 50MM

4.2 Individual prizes

  1. Artamir Gem VIII, 1000 mithril, Galadriel Marvel chest, Tauriel Marvel chest
  2. Artamir Gem VII, 500 mithril, 50x Galadriel token, 50x Tauriel token
  3. Artamir Gem VII, 400 mithril, 40x Galadriel token, 40x Tauriel token
  4. Artamir Gem VII, 300 mithril, 30x Galadriel token, 30x Tauriel token
  5. Artamir Gem VII, 200 mithril, 25x Galadriel token, 25x Tauriel token
  6. -10. 3x Artamir Gem VI, 100 mithril, 20x Galadriel token, 20x Tauriel token
  7. (11-25) 2x Artamir Gem VI, 50 mithril, 10x Galadriel token, 10x Tauriel token
  8. (26-50) 1x Artamir Gem VI, 20 mithril, 5x Galadriel token, 5x Tauriel token

8 thoughts on “Masters Season 1 tournament series

  1. I don’t like this new prize system. It was better when we would win might! Most of these prizes that we are working hard for are pittance in relation to effort put in.
    Please revert back to the old prizes!
    Is it right that only the top 6 alliances are going to get prizes at the end of the season tournament? I hope not.


  2. Thank you soooo much for the nice graphics!! I was having a hard time wrapping my head around this.

    On the prize list — check out the timers on each item. They aren’t all the same. Many are (or were) 7 day, some are the full 18 day, but there are even 6 day ones. It’ll be interesting to see how they change them.


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