Update 11.2: Even more features

Smaugs clawKabam seems to be really picking up the pace with releasing new content and announcements. Messages came from the forums and from the new 11.2 update of the game, which is available now in the Google Play Store. Today’s announcements:

  • 5th Cities are coming. In-game, navigate to another city and you’ll see the yet to be activated 5th city icon!
    • Incidentally, going to the city select screen also tells you immediately whether a city gate is closed(hidden) or opened.
  • New Legendary Gear is promised, including Tauriel’s Bow, Sting, and other gear for Biblo, Elrond and Thorin.
  • New Special Hero and Gear events. (Temporary) Campaign chapters with special drops for using specific set-ups of Heroes and Gear.
  • Pearls confirmed as a rss and given an icon.
  • Minor interface/graphical changes.

A lot to chew on with all the new features and gear, gem embedding and what have you. Let’s hope Kabam slows down a bit after this! Plus:

smaug 11.2

12 thoughts on “Update 11.2: Even more features

  1. Since new update we can win lot of stuff on Moria last MAP, but it seem we need to use a particular heros and particular tiers… Sorry for my english 🙂 and thks for your job !!


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