Update 12.1(.1): Unstable start but new Gems

smaug thumbnailSo a few days ago update 12.1 and later 12.1.1 hit the stores. First for Apple and Kindle, and later for Android. Many many Apple users erported highly unstable gameplay, sometimes not even being able to get in-game, prompting many to not update if they had a choice. Right now, the 12.1.1 patch seems to have fixed most problems and all versions are running as stable as we can expect.

In the 12.1 update preview I already posted a list of likely things to be coming in this patch, but now we know for sure. Here are the changes from previous versions:

  • 3D maps can now be toggled (2D/3D), hopefully removing some of the lag with the 3D map.
  • Heroes in Training position now defend wall and rein even when the city is closed. By far one of the biggest changes, meaning no more free wall TKs unless no Hero is assigned, and the option to simply close during TK without giving away rein troops for free.
  • Some changes to item orders and unpacking orders. I still hate the unpacking order. Just keep it as it was: add new chests to the bottom and do NOT have the screen jump around….
  • Two more slots for Oystering Boats. Useful? We’ll see..
  • And lastly: NEW GEMS! Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Citrine Gems are coming. I am confident they will work identical to Artamir gems, but simply have the type of buffs for each gear piece switched around, so it would be possible for example to get Attack debuff on every piece of your CHS gear instead of just the ring…Wil scores go up to 1.5B? Probably. Will it widen the gap between top and bottom players even more? Likely. Will it make TK comps even more tedious as noone is gonna stay open? I hope not….

3 thoughts on “Update 12.1(.1): Unstable start but new Gems

  1. New gems are going to be tough to take hold with already maxed players. Other than the cloak which they will be very useful for when we have high enough levels, i dont see wanting to replace the artimers on the rest – wont loading up on one type just create more diminishing returns and mitigate any real impact? I tested the Emeralds out today. I made 4x Emerald II and put in my Replenishing Cloak for the extra 4% Life buff (obviously low but way too expensive to get IVs at this juncture). My other gear is Rep Sword and Shield, Void Ring and Amulet. Artimer VI in everything except 2x VII in the ring. So…i fought against Smaug (regular version) with the new gems in the cloak and had a very very slight improvement. Its possible it was also a result of the small random factor in battles but it was an improvement nonetheless. I them tried the Boss on Moria and got exactly the same score as i had before – no improvement. For now, these lower level gems are a complete waste, stick with Artimer. As these rainbow gems become more easily obtainable and you can get at least level IVs, maybe they help. I am guessing the Attack Debuff one will work the best if you dont have 4x VII Artimers in your ring.


  2. Have u done a test to verify that wall is defended? I know it seems that it is on reports at first glance… but is it really? I was uner the impression it was not..


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