Don’t buy Knowledge Crystals!

knowldge crystalWith the introduction of Hero Skills I wasn’t quite sure how much of a potential money grab this could turn into, but now that I have it on my main server I can tell you: DON’T BUY KNOWLEDGE CRYSTALS! Here’s why:

Most people’s goal will be to unlock the last ‘Epic’ skills, and like I’ve shown, this will take about 17,000 Skill Points, or 34 Knowledge Crystals, which at 150 mith per Crystal adds up to 5,100 Mithril IF you want to buy them all.

skill fierce loyaltyBut they also drop from Alliance Bosses from Clearing the High Pass, Mirkwood, and Moria. Now to my surprise, the drop rate is not that bad at all, my estimate from what chests I’ve opened is roughly an 80%. drop rate With 34 Crystals needed, this should be easily gathered within a week, meaning that spending 5,100 Mithril only gives you a week head start, for over 300 euro/dollar!!!

Now, did Kabam make a mistake here? Usually, new features cost a lot to acquire quickly, and this seems easy enough! Well of course not! Remember, once a Skill is unlocked, you still need to (1) Get it on your Hero, and (2) upgrade it. Assigning with the free Enrolls will be a pain for the Epic skills, so the 30 Mithril Enrolls and Skill Books (which no doubt are gonna be expensive and rare) are very attractive. Then the upgrading of the Skills require Scrolls which I haven’t seen either, but likely they will be limited in supply as well for the first weeks/months.

So, save yourself some money (IF you want to spend on Hero Skills) and use it on Scrolls and Skill Books, don’t waste 300 euro/dollar on these easy to obtain Crystals!

7 thoughts on “Don’t buy Knowledge Crystals!

  1. Looks like you grab the scrolls from mines. I’ve only had them from Extraordinary mines, non from Common. Happy to be corrected. Drop rate is low. 20 Ext. mines returned 3 scrolls.


  2. I just want to second this. Knowledge crystals do drop readily from the boss chests on the 200 and below alliance bosses. You’ll have to be faster than alliance members to spawn enough, but once you’re done you can help others get them.

    Do you know if upgrading a skill just applies to that one skill slot or to all skill slots that have that skill assigned (enrolled)? I’m assuming the one — so there’s a cost to changing them. But, it also means you wouldn’t want to upgrade anything until you knew you were keeping that skill assigned (excuse me, enrolled). There will be high demand on those scrolls… I hope they drop somewhere in the game.


    • you upgrade individual skills, on individual heroes. Lower skills cost 3 of each scroll, while higher and better skills cost more. Upgrading farming to lvl 2 costs 1 scroll, while shielded maneuvers I costs 4 already….


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