Annoying Hero salary and gold production bug…

taxthingsI have recently noticed a very annoying bug in the game concerning both the Hero salary and gold production, and would like to know if this is a more common bug or if there are solutions…I know for sure that more people in my alliance are experiencing the same.

I know a lot of you will probably not be dependent on gold production (instead farming it), or on resource production (instead farming it), but I am, as I do not have mountains of time to spent on the game, so here goes. Three bugs:

  1. In my first city, when I assign my 223 Hero to production, he uses up MUCH MUCH more than 4k gold/h. From what I’ve gathered, it’s more in the order of 20-30k/h, as if ALL positions are assigned which is NOT the case.
  2. In another city, which has a lot of homes, I SHOULD produce around 20k/h, but in reality, it produces MUCH MUCH LESS than that. That, is 20k with ONE hero assigned.
  3. Hero’s un-assign before gold reaches zero. Im usually left wit 10-30k…without production of gold in those cities (taxes 0%)

I figured this could have two reasons: (A) Battle reports are being missed/lost, so someone takes the gold but I do not see their attacks, or (B) there is a bug with the production and salaries.

I tried to eliminate (A) by training some wall troops, which HAVE to be destroyed in an attack for anyone to take resources or gold to be taken. Today the gold producing city, after around 12 hours of not logging on, had a meager 9.5k gold, with no attack reports and wall troops still there. And mind you, EVEN IF I would assign ALL FOUR positions in Great Hall, it still should produce more gold than salary.

So, what is going on, does anyone else have this bug, and what can be done about it? Thanks in advance!

7 thoughts on “Annoying Hero salary and gold production bug…

  1. Taxes are based on population. If you keep training troops as your city fills the number of people drops substantially and therefore even though you’re charging x% taxes you’re only doing so on like 20k and not 60k people. Could this be your issue?


    • no not really. Because the city this is most notable at is a city I dont train in. But even if I would, the rate at which gold is “lost” is more than twice the total salary of the heroes, so even with zero taxes I shouldnt lose gold this fast.

      But a good suggestion from your part. Ive stopped bothering really and just keep multiple millions in my cities at all times. KABAM just moves in mysterious ways in some areas Ive learned lol



  2. Yup, same for me too. Always thought I was being farmed by some invisible player… Extremely annoying. Would be interesting to see if the gold drops with no hero assigned (even bigger problem) or if it is a salary issue.


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