Tauriels Circle of Fate and more: Update 9.2.0!


  • Update(1): Keys and timer clear, chest prizes

A new update has hit the servers. The update delivers several very exciting additions to the game, which I will detail below.

Immediately noticeable is the VAST decrease in lag, to levels similar to before the last update, which made the game painfully slow. Good job KABAM.

Other additions on gear and Tauriels Circle of Fate are described below. Information will be added as its coming in, as not all features seem to be fully enabled yet.

One major addition is Tauriels Circle of Fate, a new chance game with similarities to winning prizes with Moon runes and Galadriels chance. The game itself is chance based, and promises various prizes, amongst which are 3 new (non-trainable) units:

  • Master Rangers
  • Pack Mammoths
  • Stone Giants

These units are advertised as Elite Goblin Killers, but I have no battle data on them yet. This will be updated as soon as I have this information.

welcomeWhen you open the game, you are shortly greeted with a poorly designed welcome message detailing the update (incorrectly labeled as v9.0.0).

When you click it away, and Tauriels Circle of Fate (CoF) is up, an icon is displayed below the Moon rune icon.

CoF game mechanics

Pressing the icon brings you in the main screen of the CoF game, basically a wheel of fortune, which has 8 fields, four with a key and 4 without.

The keys are for winning the bonus prize: a Grand Prize chest. To do this, you need all 4-5 keys. Additionally, a red timer runs in the background of the game. In order to win the Grand Prize chest, you need to collect all keys within that time frame. From the description, any keys you have when the timer ends disappear and you have to collect them again next round.

The chest fields can give you either a bronze, silver or gold chest, which have increasingly good amounts of prizes and troops. Prizes are not fixed, but change with every round of the CoF being available. I therefor removed a previous description of the prizes, which doesnt make sense in light of this.

To play the game, you just spin the wheel, land on a field, and win a prize. From the image below, you can see I didnt land on a a key but on an empty field, giving me a silver chest. This appeared in my inventory, and contained 10 Master Rangers and a troop chest, which gave a nice amount of troops.


To play the game, you need a Tauriel token, which functions similar to Galadriel tokens. How to acquire these is unclear, but a token/spin can be bought for 15 mithril when the CoF game is up. That brings me to the last point of this part, which is the availability of this game. In the early hours of the game, the game was available for one period (everyone got one free token), after which it disappeared. Then hours later, it returned for another period, this time awarding everyone with TWO free tokens to play. Ever since, the game has been unavailable on my server. My guess is it will be a periodic game, and not be available all the time.

Other game updates features

These are the rather exciting other additions or promises from the new game update:

  • Newly enhanced graphics. Sure, why not?
  • New Armor/Gear sets. Yes!
  • Craftable and upgradable gear. Hell Yes!
  • New campaign chapter and bosses. Great!
  • Beorn and Tauriel wilderness outposts. No clue, but hell yeah!

If this update keeps the promises as advertised here, together with the decreased lag, this is quite easily the BEST addition/game update I have seen so far.

Stay tuned for updates to this article and/or new articles for the various additions!

4 thoughts on “Tauriels Circle of Fate and more: Update 9.2.0!

  1. Hi, is there a way that anyone has heard of to increase chances of hitting a key on the lovely Tauriel? Some on my server have mentioned it, and some names appear more than others ~(although this is just as likely to be the big spenders)


  2. Win 5 keys for the jackpot chest. You have to get all 5 keys before the red timer counts down. Got one free token the first time the new game appeared and two free tokens the second time. I had chests in all 4 segments that didn’t contain keys. Not empty segments like your screen print.
    Great posts. Very useful source of information. Thanks.


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