KoM 101: ALL in-game items and prizes (sort of)

articleheaderAnother addition to the beginners articles; in this article are listed virtually ALL in-game items you will encounter playing Kingdoms of Middle Earth. From chests, to Hero’s Glory, and from Hobbit building crew to Rune of Fury, this list gives an extensive overview of the items you use in the game, what they do exactly, and what they cost if you want to buy them in the shop (provided of course the item is for sale). Items are listed in the categories: Battle, XP, Campaign, Hourglasses, Chests, Construction and Resources, Tournaments and Various . Hop on in!


Lets start first with mentioning the items that are NOT on the list. First of all of course, items I haven’t seen in the game are excluded. Secondly, I left out the resources from the shop, as I deem those a bit redundant, but all other regular items and chests are mentioned. This also means that chests that have been available temporarily are excluded due to a lack of data. Thirdly, Hero equipment pieces are left out, as they are fully mentioned and detailed in their own article. I if I do happen to have forgotten anything, please let me know and I’ll add it in as soon as possible.

Without further a due, here are “all” in-game items. Prizes are listed in euro’s (sorry), and reflect current prizes of the items (march 2014), assuming Mithril is bought in the 1600 package. Search for item names of categories listed in the overview below for easy finding.

1. Battle and Defense items ——————————————————–

Combat rune (10 mithril / 0.56 euro)

bat combat rune

Major Combat rune (60 mithril / 3.37 euro)

bat major combat rune

Rune of Fury

bat ROF

Battle Cry

bat battle cry

Shield rune (10 mithril / 0.56 euro)

bat shield rune

Major shield rune (60 mithril / 3.37 euro)

bat major shield rune

Rune of Invulnerability

bat ROI

Shield Wall

bat shield wall

Minor protection rune (8 mithril / 0.45 euro)

bat minor protection rune

Protection rune (20 mithril / 1.12 euro)

bat protection rune

Major protection rune (30 mithril / 1.69 euro)

bat major protection rune

2. Train and Experience items —————————————————

Train with Warriors (8 mithril / 0.45 euro)

xp warriors

Train with Archers (30 mithril / 1.69 euro)

xp archers

Train with Gandalf (100 mithril / 5.62 euro)

xp gandalf

Hero’s Renown (lvl X)

xp renown

Hero’s Glory (lvl X)

xp glory

Tauriel’s Verse

xp taurielverse

Beorn’s Call

xp beorn

3. Campaign related items ———————————————————–

Armor scraps

camp armor scraps

Armor scraps II

armor scraps II

Stamina refill (?)

camp stam refill

Key fragment

camp key fragment

Master key

camp master key

Artifact, Precious/Light Metal, Swift Stone, Gem, Amber, Gatherer Stone

camp artifactsGems

Amber Stone of Vala

amber vala stone

Common Valto rune (8 mithril/ 0.45 euro)

valto common

Rare Valto rune (30 mithril/ 1.69 euro)

valto rare

Epic Valto rune

valto epic

Legendary Valto rune

valto legendary

4. Hourglasses —————————————————————————

Bilbo’s hourglass (1 mithril / 0.056 euro)

glass bilbo

Gollum’s hourglass (15 mithril / 0.84 euro)

glass gollum

Elrond’s hourglass (20 mithril / 1.12 euro)

glass elrond

Galadriel’s hourglass (30 mithril / 1.69 euro)

glass galadriel

Radagast’s hourglass (50 mithril / 2.81 euro)

glass radagast

Gandalf’s hourglass (80  mithril / 4.50 euro)

glass gandalf

Saruman’s hourglass (120 mithril / 6.75 euro)

glass saruman

Maiar hourglass

glass maiar

Valar hourglass

glass valar

Infinite hourglass

glass infinite

5. Chests from shop (only regulars) ————————————————

Resource chest (120 mithril / 6.75 euro)

chest resource chest

Resource surplus (270 mithril / 15.19 euro)

chest resource surplus

Magical restoration (450 mithril / 25.31 euro)

chest magical restoration

Gift from Saruman (350 mithril / 19.69 euro)

chest giftFromSaruman

Hourglass chest (325 mithril / 18.28 euro)

chest hourglass chest

Galadriel’s Token chest (225 mithril / 12.65 euro)

chest galadriel chest

Hobbit special delivery (400 mithril / 22.50 euro)

chest HSpecialDelivery

Radagast’s protection (100 mithril / 5.62 euro)

chest radagast protection

Hero’s chest (290 mithril / 16.31 euro)

chest heros chest

6. Construction and Resource items ———————————————-

Forge rune

con forge rune

Ascension rune

con ascension rune

Master rune

con master rune

Rune of destruction (9 mithril / 0.51 euro)

con rune of destruction

Hobbit building crew (100 mithril / 5.62 euro)

con HBC

Hobbit Runecrafters

con runeccrafters

Master builders

con master builders

Second city deed (225 mithril / 12.65)

con 2 city deed

Third city deed (225 mithril / 12.65 euro)

con 3 city deed

Fourth city deed (299 mithril / 16.82 euro)

con 4 city deed

Minor food rune (8 mithril / 0.28 euro)

rss minor food

Food rune (50 mithril / 2.81 euro)

rss food

Minor wood rune (8 mithril / 0.28 euro)

rss minor wood

Wood rune (50 mithril / 2.81 euro)

rss wood

Minor stone rune (8 mithril / 0.28 euro)

rss minor stone

Stone rune (50 mithril / 2.81 euro)

rss stone

Minor ore rune (8 mithril / 0.28 euro)

rss minor ore

Ore rune (50 mithril / 2.81 euro)

rss ore

Tax writ (45 mithril / 2.53 euro)

rss tax writ

Tax decree (280 mithril / 15.75)

rss tax decree

7. Tournament related items ———————————————————

(Items used in previous tournaments. Mostly useless now if you have them)

U (Unique item)

tour U

Unrefined Mithril

tour unrefinde mithril

Dragon Treasure

tour dragon treasure

Championship Trophy

tour champ trophy

Black Powder

tour black powder

Spring Egg (and Spring Rabbits)

Sping egg

8. Various items ————————————————————————–

Galadriel token (5 mithril / 0.28 euro)

var token

Tauriel’s Token

tauriel token

Radagast’s gift (30 mithril / 1.69 euro)

var radaghast gift

Gandalf’s gift (90 mithril / 5.06 euro)

var gandalf gift

Open gates (50 mithril / 2.81 euro)

var open gates

Roaming refugees

var open gates 2

Myriad migration

var open gates 3

Mass settlement

var open gates 4

Elven wine (100 mithril / 5.62 euro)

var elven wine

Naming rights (10 mithril / 0.56 euro)

var naming rights

New identity (90 mithril / 5.06 euro)

var new identity

31 thoughts on “KoM 101: ALL in-game items and prizes (sort of)

  1. Just saw a box in premium that had the title in it “the hobbit kingdoms of middle earth” of course didn’t win it but now curious


      • Beorn gives one hero 150,000 exp, Tauriel gives one hero 100,000 exp. As of yet untested on effect if used at Lv199… my numbers say it could made a Lv235, but Im not sure if that is possible of if system would kill the extra exp. at Lv199 Beorn would take exp to 547980 or Lv 235… (hero Lv are equal to last lv + 20)… Would love to know, I’m saving one TwB just for this – currently hero is at Lv156.


    • Best is to wait until “premium chance” for one token event happens. I got like five HBC from different chest during once such event and a mad amount of might too. Events are random, but usually once or twice a month.


  2. I got a new item today that isn’t listed here yet: Roaming Refugees. It is basically the same as Open Gates, but it adds 5000 to your population instead of 1000.

    By the way, thanks for your posts – they’ve been really helpful!


  3. Thank you for your hard work !
    I see you have Tauriel’s verse on there. I got her in my c4 but cannot use her… How do you do that ?


  4. Nice compilation. I find your info to be very helpful. You help me see what my world #113 will have. Now 4th city deeds are only available in a 1599 mith pkg. good to see they will come down in price and hopefully be available from gob camps. Thx again for the help


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