Back from my holiday

skiingHe people, just a short message here to let you know I got back from a week of skiing, hence why it has been quiet on this site. I had a lot of fun, the snow was good, the weather reasonable to good, as were the slopes. So now that I’m back, it is time to catch up. We have a new update with some very promising and long awaited for changes, new Legendary gear, and I will continue writing an article set on buffs and debuffs. But first, I need to respond to a LOT of comments you made over the past week, so first things first! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Back from my holiday

  1. Hi, I really enjoy reading your website. You work very hard to help everyone out. Small question on skills… How exactly do the epic skills work…breath of life on defence hero, fierce loyalty on attack hero, revival on both or either? Also can you give more than one of same skill to a hero and will it double the effect or does game take account of first allocated or top of the list? Probably wrong place to put this question :/ dani


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