Splitting up Articles from Blog posts

tauriel bowHe everyone, as you may have noticed, the menu bar now has a Articles button and a Blog button. I decided that I wanted to make a split between the more informative, static posts, and the more subjective pieces and posts about less important stuff.

For the informative static Articles, you should think about the articles about Hero Equipment, Gem Mining, Troop Attack Order and Tactical Troops. The information contained in these is updated every now and then, but the article stays largely the same, and relevant, over the months.

For the new Blog category, you should think about articles on updates to the game, opinions on certain matters and posts not directly related to the game. These are posts you probably won’t be revisiting frequently and will be relevant only for a short while. You can assume that any major changes or additions to the game will make their way into the Articles section.

I hope that clears things up on the new menu. Cheers!

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