Kabam, this is unacceptable!

Update: Seems Kabam finally got it together and rewarded the correct prizes…

So, we got a nice email last week about the improved Customer Support Kabam has been implementing. All good and well, but unfortunately, it only took a week to be blown out of the water.

Last week (week 44 2014), Kabam organized the Halloween Eve tournament series, coupled with a special Halloween temporary campaign map. The goal was to collect as many Pumpkin items as possible with your alliance, which could be gained in individual and alliance base tournaments and farmed in the campaign map. Especially the individual tourneys had pretty nice prizes for the competitors (500 pumpkins, many chests).

Being the number one ally in the server at the moment, we had individuals work their asses of in these individuals. Last GK tournament, we scored 1st and 2nd. But what happened? Wrong prizes were turned out. In fact, the number 1 got the prizes for 3rd place for example. Unacceptable. And we weren’t alone. More people on the server experienced wrongful payout of prizes, and other servers followed with complaints. Tickets were written, screenshots were made. Kabam’s reaction?

“Nope, sorry, our engineers looked at it and concluded everything went as planned. Here is 5 million might for your inconveniences…bye”

Wait…what?! You are just going to deny it happened? We have screenshots of this going terribly wrong, and you’re going to wave it away and deal out some shitty compensation prizes? We need a better definition of irony for this.  Come on Kabam, you send us a mail about improved customer support and only a week later you decide to screw over hard working players who rightfully deserved their prizes? I’ve been lucky to have never been on the receiving end of bad customer support from Kabam yet, but this is just terrible.

Get. It. Fixed!

2 thoughts on “Kabam, this is unacceptable!

  1. NEWer Smaug and the Lie that is Kabam!
    This is what happens when kabam says “they listened to us”
    We get the same exact dish as before with a bit of food coloring. New presentation same drop rates…. but they say 100% drop rate technically it is… but it isn’t in reality its all a sham.
    Please post this on your site… the public must know! if giving credit please use the name ScreamSilence thanks ^-^!

    113 smaug Hits
    36x erebor coin = 32%
    (Actual chest value 3.6 = 3% drop)
    33x erebor vault chest = 30%
    [Actual items inside compared to previous New Smaug (not original) 22 = 19%]
    25x smaug legendary plunder = 22%
    19x Smaug Legendary loot = 16%
    (Actual drop rate =71%)
    [with erebor chest technicality drop rate = 60% take into account 1 guaranteed token and 1 drop instead of 3 drops it would make erebor chest 9% and leave it at 50% identical to the previous New smaug….]

    this is how I calculated the actual rates btw
    10 erebor coins = 1 drop
    And then previous smaug had 3 item drops this one has two
    So multiplied this chest by 2 then divided by 3 to make it items = to previous
    Then there’s the technically we only get 1 drop … Because the other is always 1 token
    And remove the multiplication simply divide by 3
    And gives me the 9%


  2. Absolutely right! Our server wound up with people not getting awards for some of the alliance events even thought they qualified. Still just getting the boilerplate “try re-installing” note. No action at all on fixing the problem.

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