We’ve come a long way…

worldcountryviewsThat right there is a picture of the views on my blog from the day I created it till now. It really has gone global, with virtually no developed country not represented by one of you.

When I started this blog, it was out of a request from within my old alliance, to have “senior” players help small players grow in the alliance. I decided that I wasn’t gonna waste time on typing emails, but instead would put some of my ideas on the internet instead. I searched for a good method, and found a blog would fit the needs.

In the above paragraph, I put senior in marks because, compared to now, I was nothing…one of my first posts on How to ask alliance for help, mentioned you should request realistic amounts of rss, and not ridiculous amounts like 1m, because no one had that laying around. Now, when I request rss, I get 10 times that number.

Over time, the number of posts grew, and visitor/view count slowly increased, but nothing spectacular. I began adding tags to posts and signed up the site to my Google account, which helps crawling (SEO optimization). Numbers rose again. I remember the first time hitting a 1000 daily views. But it wasn’t until some of my big articles the view count really started to grow exponentially. The posts on the Campaign spreadsheet and Hero equipment draw hundreds of views a day to this day, and remain the most popular articles. On Google searches, my articles quickly rose in rank.

All this has been a driving force for me to continue to write about this game on this blog. Everyday, I am checking the stats to see if it is gonna be a record day 🙂 . So here, I want to welcome and thank all my visitors for paying a visit and sticking around, it is one of the main reasons for my efforts! Below is a list of all the countries you come from, building that map above… Cheers people!!!


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