Update 10.0: Not so Major yet…

As promised in their forum post on future updates, Kabam just released update 10.0 (at least for Android) for Kingdoms of Middle Earth. The main feature of this update should be an Alliance center of some sort.

Although no actual implementation of these features can be found in the game yet, some information screens hind at what is coming. Read more to find out what I know so far, and check up regularly on future, more detailed posts.


Alliance Center information

Kabam already said an alliance trade center would be coming. Although I cannot see it yet, some information is already given in the game describing what it will entail. For Android users who already upgraded, go to the Alliance tab in the bottom of your screen, and click the “i” button next to your Alliance’s name. The following information is given:


So I guess alliances are gonna get busy trying to upgrade their alliance level from now on, and players trying to share as much resources as possible to earn Alliance points and Loyalty points.What the “Stones of Vala” are I don’t know yet. The information looks promising, especially the Alliance shop, and together with other standing promises such as new campaign maps and up-gradable gear, will make for some very interesting additions to the game and gameplay!

New/improved Premium Chance game

tokenAnother update, conveyed through an in-game email, states that the Premium game has been updated and improved. It should now give out items such as Shield Walls and high end gear, though, for the few six tokens tries I made, I did not see any significant change…Guess we’ll have to wait for a premium sale to find out.

That’s it for now. I know, pretty limited information, but as usual, expect updates to the blog when I find out more!

2 thoughts on “Update 10.0: Not so Major yet…

  1. Anyone knows why I cannot change world anymore when I start from a second device… ? My alt is stuck in world 161, and I would like it to join my world, but I only can see the world 161 in the list…


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