Update: Hero Equipment, Tactical Troops and more

lycaenIt’s been a while since I really spend time at the blog, but I’ve gotten around to it, and made some much needed updates. First of all, the biggest update is the inclusion of the new Tactical troops in the Tactical troops article. I had plans to do it as soon as the new troops came out, but simply couldn’t find the time. Now, the Lyncean Raiders and Woodmen are fully covered, plus some minor adjustments.

The second big update is the overhaul of the Hero Equipment article. All available sets, such as Unsung Orc, are now included and described, and the article is structured a bit differently in describing all sets.

Some minor updates included some troop stats in the KoM 101: All Elven and Dwarven troops article, and the addition of the new Population items in the All In-game Items article. More articles are on their way, so stay tuned!

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