Attack report spreadsheet (updated)

swordshieldWith every new update, there is a chance some of my articles become outdated. I’m trying to keep track of the most important information and keep it updated, such as the Hero Equipment article. The old Battle report spreadsheet I posted some time ago was also in need of some improvements, as more than a few new troops have been introduced since the last version.

The updated spreadsheet now contains all the available troops, including the Tactical Troops, has boxes for additional information, better layout, and more useful information about the battle outcomes, such as absolute and relative tk/might ratios and a t1 equivalence calculation. This spreadsheet is handy to keep track of past battle performances without filling up your mailbox, and is great for analyzing why you got a certain ratio in a particular battle.

Download it through THIS link and have fun!

8 thoughts on “Attack report spreadsheet (updated)

  1. The T1 equivalence doesn’t include the calculation for the tactical troops. If you’re using this to optimize for campaigns or bosses, that won’t help. I was using this to figure out how hard I was hit by a boss, which blew through my shielding troops — SGs, T1s, T5s and hit my MRs. oops. I can add it myself, assuming I can find the correct data, but thought you’d want to know.

    Also, MR have been updated to 10 might.

    Additionally, it doesn’t have the two new Lake-town tactical troops: pikemen and longbowmen. Not that anyone seems to be using them, but still. 🙂

    Nice spreadsheet; easy to use.


    • Ill add the troops and new might. But for the T1 equivalence number: that is only based on might numbers, and might doesnt correlate with attack power. So no, this sheet will not give you the information you mention, but it isnt meant for that….just for might ratios in PvP. Gpblins arent even mentioned in the report….


  2. In the campaign excel file,u dont ask for the amount of shield walls? Defense in campaign is better/more important compaired to higher attack. Statue buffs also have att and def % and they arent always both on the same level.


    • you are correct about attack, but shield walls and statue buffs fall under the perm buff category. Just add them up and fill it in, I thought it wasnt necessary to give every buff a separate entry….


  3. As you speak of outdated posts. The post where you write on how to get all the second/third/fourth city relicts, doesnt work anymore. You know have to actually kill troops to get the relict. And for me it looks like you have to have some other coordinates attacked in between, to get the relicts most of the time.


    • uhm, Ill test this in a bit, but I think you are mistaken in what this thing does. This spreadsheet is NOT a battle CALCULATOR in that it determines battle outcomes automatically!

      Basically you have to fill in the numbers from the battle reports you get in your mail: Troops send in AND troops lost/remaining.

      This way, it calculates the ratios and is a nice way of keeping track of your battle performances, instead of keeping the mails in your inbox. Plus the mail reports give very limited information to begin with.

      So again, you have to fill in remaining troops yourself as well! Also, for the ratios and other calculations, you do NOT need to fill in troop numbers of troops that suffered NO losses. Only fill in the red numbers from the reports basically… hope that answers it!


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