Future KoM updates and the new Tactical Troops

woodland warriorSo the new minor update 9.3.0 has hit the game, introducing most prominently two new Tactical Troops: the Woodsmen and the Lyncaen Raiders. They serve as glass-cannon and fast reconn units respectively. I will update the Tactical troops article as soon as I come around to it. Also added are new ‘Open gates’ type items which add 5k (Roaming Refugees), 10k (Myrian Migration) or even 50k (Mass Settlement) to your population, great for speed training!

Meanwhile, KABAM also released a forum post which details what some of the future updates hold. I’ve posted these notes after the break for those interested.


Release notes:

Greetings Great Heroes of Middle-earth,

- v9.3.0 is available for download on iOS and Android. This is a minor update for The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth. The main focus has been on increased server stability. Also included in this version are a couple new Items that will be available as log-in and event prizes. Details about these are included at the bottom of the page

- v10.0.0 is scheduled for early May. Players can expect v.10.0.0 to be a major update for The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth. The v10.0.0 update will include an Alliance Expansion Pack Feature, enhancements to Middle-earth Hero Gear, and specialized limited time Campaign Maps. Among the feature additions, bug resolution and general gameplay improvements are big priority. 

- v10.1.0 to scheduled for early June. Bug resolution and general game play improvements will continue to be a main priority. The v10.1.0 update will add Train-a-thon Tournaments into Event Center. Legendary Middle-earth Gear is also planned for this release as well as enhancements to the Alliance Expansion Feature. 

- v10.2.0.0 and beyond are still in the planning phases. Alliance Wars and World merges are the proposed initiatives from the Game Team. 

New Items and Troops for v9.3:
- Roaming Refugees, Myrian Migration, Mass Settlement Items can add 5,000, 10,000, and 50,000 to your City’s Population, up to your current Population Limit.

- There are two new types of Tactical Troop, the deadly Woodsmen and the super fast Lyncean Raiders. Learn more about them here.

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