Tier 1-5 Attack/Life modifiers

troops compareI cannot believe I didnt do this sooner, but in updating the Campaign spreadsheet, I was going to add the Tier 4 and 5 numbers, until I realized I did not have the Attack and Life modifiers confirmed yet. And with that I mean the multiplication compared to Tier 1. For Tier 1, 2 and 3 it was easy to just follow the stars in the Barracks (1, 2 and 4 attack respectively), but for Tiers 4 and 5 it is a bit different. I’ve now figured them out.


In short, the modifiers are as follows:

  • Tier 1: 1
  • Tier 2: 2
  • Tier 3: 4
  • Tier 4: 6
  • Tier 5: 9

In previous attempts to get the numbers by attacking the same campaign map with different tier troops, numbers were a bit all over the place. Then I learned that the strong-against bonus is also dependent on the tiers of the attackers and defenders.

Thats why you need to rule out any influence from this bonus, as well as as many other unknowns as possible. I therefore attacked map 4-4 in Moria, which has 11k tier 3 ranged goblins. Attacking with ranged as well removed any bonus on either side.

Tests proceeded by attacking the map with 100 units per tier multiple times, tallying the kills made before defeat. Results are below. When normalized against the tier 1 results, the modifiers (approximately) appear as given above (1,2,4,6,9):


These numbers will be used as defaults in the campaign spreadsheet. Cheers!

8 thoughts on “Tier 1-5 Attack/Life modifiers

    • simply by attacking the same map in campaign with different tiers. First 100 t1, then 100 t2 etc. Then its just a matter of comparing the amount of goblins killed by each tier to derive the numbers given…


    • The easiest way is to look at the ‘details’ screen, where you find the list of all troops with the bonus percentages next to them. There, check the bonuses to the troops you most likely will use, however most of the time this is pretty equal across tiers/troop types.

      If you want, double check this by looking at each piece of gear, and checking the normal stats and the two bonus attributes for any bonus to attack or life.

      The bonuses you see displayed in the Great Hall, Equipment Home Screen and in the summary at the top of the information screen can be misleading. For example, full Ent gear can display the ‘heart’ summary number as high as 5600, while in reality, if you check the details screen, this does not translate to 56% bonus to life, not by a long shot….

      Hope that answers it, and otherwise, please read the Hero equipment article 🙂


    • Numbers given vary per site really. Most I have heard it is around 50%. But than again, each tier troop apparently has a different bonus against each tier, i.e. the bonus of t1 against t1 is different than against t2 and so on.

      Therefor I recommend keeping it zero in the campaign sheet and play it safe. Unless of course you are sure you know all the modifiers.


      • So I did some testing and figured out what the weak against numbers are against T1 troops (not sure if its also the case against T2). I will probably test the strong against the same way but it will be a huge waste of resources so I’m holding off for now.

        So against T1 opponent:

        T1 weak against cause a 40% loss in attack strength
        T2 Weak against causes a 33% loss in attack strength
        T3 Weak against causes a 25% loss in attack strength.

        Now with all other variables known you can calculate exactly how much you’ll lose against Goblins depending on your bonuses.


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