Campaign Spreadsheet updated!

smaugThe Campaign Spreadsheet has finally been updated! It has been a while since the last post, and in the mean time T4 and T5 troops were introduced fully, mistakes have been pointed out, and requests were made to complete the Moria campaign and add more attack bonus stats to fill in.

Read on to learn what changes and improvements have been made and to find the download link of the spreadsheet. As usual, any comments or suggestions are welcomed!


Thanks to all who commented and pointed out mistakes. The changes:

  • Avenging Moria completed. All maps in campaign are now finally included.
  • Tier 4 and 5 troops numbers included. Numbers use the troop modifiers from this post, but can be changed if necessary.
  • Errors with Goblin Hero level fixed. Some maps didnt figure in the level of the Goblin leading the enemy army, leading to incorrect troop number suggestions. Numbers have been fixed.
  • Changed description to be better understandable and reflect improvements.
  • Added equipment, Guardian and permanent buffs to attack bonuses.
  • Provisional multiplicative bonus modifier added for optional use. Still figuring out which attack bonuses are additive and which multiplicative. Update soon if necessary.
  • Resource rewards added. With many thanks to

Find the new Campaign sheet at this link

Download the sheet, fill in your information on page 1 and campaign away!

Note 1: As usual, the suggested troop numbers are meant to reflect the minimum of troops needed to win in one combat round, NOT to get the highest campaign score possible!

Note 2: I suggest leaving the “Strong against” attack bonus at zero, as most maps should be attacked with one troop type for highest scores, which makes calculating the overall bonus virtually impossible….

27 thoughts on “Campaign Spreadsheet updated!

  1. Uhm, would you mind clarifying what you mean by “fill in your stats” on the campaign spreadsheet for those of us newbies who are clueless? 🙂


  2. filled out the sheet, to the best of my understanding, somethings not right, says I need a minimum of 110 T3’s for high pass 2-4 but I’ve gotten my highest score with 60 Ents
    whats Runes % and Battle Cry %


  3. Just wanted to say thank you for all of your research! As a numbers geek, it’s really helped me understand battle mechanics.

    I am curious, are you certain about the 50% buff / debuff for strong against / weak against? In the course of doing my own research on the campaign maps, it has seemed to me that I only get a 25% buff, and the opposing side gets a -25% debuff. It’s entirely possible that I’ve got something wrong … just wondering what your thoughts are. Thanks again!


    • Im not entirely sure, but thats what I read. Since I dropped finding out the exact battle formula’s, and the addition of Tactical Troops, I also havent looked into it further.

      Thanks for the comment!


  4. Thank you so very much, you have no idea that the file help me a lot. People only tell me to hit with just the right among of troops but I have no idea of what is the right amount until I found this post. I’m now having my first drop on the campaign and I’m very excited. Hope I’ll have a rank on my world later. Just some questions thou if I’m using the correct troops to hit, will I got all the drops? or just one at a time randomly? let’s say in Part 1 of “the High Pass”. The drop are Metals I and Bilbo’s Hour Glasses, will I have them both or just one? And second, could I use the strong again technique on a real battle? I mean to use just one kind of tier to hit the other player if they send all 3 kinds of tiers? Once Again, thank you very much for all your hard work and share with us. = )


    • While this spreadsheet is nice, most people are using rangers and stonies for campaign high score events. So I would imagine more people would find it much mroe useful if you included T6 information on here. I made a small spreadsheet myself, but it strictly has how many T6’s i used on each map, it has none of the calcuations you have here.

      Also question, in your input area (orange) you ask for runes attack %, i am assuming since you ask for battle cry % below it, this is the normal attack runes and Rune of Fury %? And for hero equipment attack %, where do we get this? From the details tab on the hero equipment page?


      • yup in the details screen. Concerning the TT, yes, this sheet doesnt have them, and I dont know if Ill add them. Best use right now id for starting servers without TT, or for the other information the sheet supplies…


  5. maybe some clarification on the stats input? like the runes%… which runes are we talking about? the hero equipment % where the heck do i get that # because all i know is the life, defense, and speed numbers…


  6. Nicely done! I’d like to suggest you use the Excel Info metadata to list the latest revision. Keep up the great work!


  7. youre doing a great job, and youre great at providing updates on things…but i dont think the info here is quite accurate… i get that its not or chs, but the drops in terms of the hourglasses is incorrect… for mirkwood 4, drops are 2x galadriel, and level 5 is 1x galadriel…. moria drops are elrond, and high pass are prdominantly gollum… is it possible to update? ive tried figuring out myself but havent mastered each exact level yet. thanks!


  8. Great job, you have know idea how much you are helping people. Thank you for taking time out of your day to post these threads. The_Legend world 106


  9. I looked at your campaign helper. I can’t help but point out that you are leaving out valuable information to calculate numbers. You need to take into account defensive buffs like shield walls, the other part of the city guardian, rune of invulnerability, and the defensive part of hero gear. These all play a part in the calculation. You should also take into consideration that depending on the level of permanent buffs a player has will determine if sending “mixed troop types” is warranted. There are some level were you need to send T5 2 foot 2 ranged and 2 mounted instead of sending all 1 troop type. I plugged in all my numbers and what I got from your numbers is about 2-3 times the number of troops that I send and I have the 2nd best scores only because the number 1 player has about 30 more perm buff for each attack and denfense than I do. However even though he has those extra buff he is only ahead of me by about 1 million in total overall score.


    • You seem to have not read the notes at the bottom, which clearly state that the numbers given are for defeating the maps in one round, with the addition that this (1) will NOT give you the best high scores but reduce casualties, and (2) negates your comment about needing to add the defensive buffs in the calculations.

      Now if you wanted to make say, a programmed calculator program to predict high scores, you need two things:
      (1) A formula for battle outcomes, which would indeed include also the defensive buffs, giving you Vitality score for a certain Efficiency score
      (2) A formula to calculate score, in which the parameters are said Efficiency and Vitality scores, plus marching times.
      What you will see in the graphs you can plot from them is:
      (A)Efficiency going up linear as you add more troops to fight, up to limit
      (B)Vitality decreasing exponentially from all-troops-lost to the minimum number of troops the goblins can kill
      (C) Score being an upside down parabola on top of these two (A-B), where the right side is cut off at the maximum efficiency score (~120k)

      However, as I do not have these formulas worked out (yet), this might be something for a future post.

      Now, for your comment about mixed troops, I agree that a very limited number of maps do indeed give higher scores with mixed troops, even though this is theoretically weird to explain. But given that these maps are very few in number and only have very small numbers of troops you need to send (which probably factors in the reason why mixed scores better), I chose to not confuse the readers with adding that part in.

      Lets be honest, most serious campaign high scorers will have much more detailed lists with troop numbers to send in campaign for great scores, and Ive mentioned before that this spreadsheet gives good information, but should only be used as a starting points for CHS….

      Hope this clears things up


      • OK. i get that this isn’t for high score. However the numbers that calculate as the bare minimum to defeat the enemy troop is overstated a great deal. One level says I need 240 to just defeat the enemy troops but I can get away with much less than that. Secondly I don’t see where you can say defensive buffs don’t matter. Anyone that remember the shield wall issues from November c=clearly knows that defensive buffs do help. How else would you explain that given all other thing equal that when I upgraded my guardian from level 2 to level 10 and redid the campaign I achieved markedly higher scores on several levels and when I add a Shield wall to my buffs and no battle cries I can increase my score?


        • Ok 2 things:

          (1) I calculate the number of troops needed to DEFEAT THE GOBLINS IN ONE ROUND. This is different from the minimum number of troops needed to defeat them. Lets say for arguments sake your troops are equal in strength to the goblins, and you fight 100 of them (=100 attack/200life)

          The number needed to defeat the goblins in one round is then 200 troops, which give you 200 attack points versus their 200 life. Any number lower will leave goblins for more rounds.

          The minimum number to defeat them AT ALL is just over the number of goblins in this case, say 101 troops. Now, the first battle round will cost both armies approximately 50% of standing forces. Round 2 costs 50% of remaining forces, etc. Since you have 1 troop more, you are most likely to win this battle, but losses will be >90% and score will be almost zero.

          Hence why I say, defeat them in one round and minimize losses, but no high score.

          (2)Because of (1), defensive buffs are canceled out in the calculations, as we are only matching our ATTACK FORCE to the goblins DEFENSE (life points). Changing your defensive buffs will only lower your losses, but has NO effect whatsoever on the number of troops needed to defeat the goblins in just one round….

          Hope this clears things up


          • Actually no it doesn’t because in some rounds having a higher defensive buff will require less troops. It’s evident when I get 3-4 shield walls (and no battle cries) and can send less troops but the same number of my troops die.

            So youre saying if there are 100 enemy troops you need to send basically double that amount? Even without ROI and ROF active and no perm buff you wouldn’t need to do that because…..defensive buffs from research and hero play into that as well as the natural defense from the game.


            • Actually yes it does. WHATEVER your defensive and offensive stats, there is a minimum number of troops the goblins will always defeat. As long as you fight in only one round, this is the number the goblins will kill, meaning the cut off point for this minimum is where the number of troops you send transitions from two rounds to one.

              In order to calculate, we look PURELY at player offense versus goblin defense, dividing goblin life by player attack. This ensures minimum losses.

              In your example, if the number of deaths are the same, you probably transitioned into two round battles, not optimizing your scores. Seeing as Vitality as a score is much more important compared to Efficiency, I would suggest you send the same number of troops to LOWER VITALITY, instead of keeping same vitality and LOWERING efficiency.


  10. THANK YOU! This is brilliant, I enjoy the game but, it is taking a lot of time and this just lets me participate and actually be of some use to my ally 😉


      • I myself appreciate what you do here. It has help fill the gaps in my own research along with a fellow numbers geek and a good friend of mine on Vast 57. He and i go through and test out the buff variable on def and attack we test everything ourselves but i do not post it in a manor like this unfortunately not enough time. But i want to thank you for taking the time to do this. Sincerley Poisoned_Dart of Chaos Legion


  11. Great job! Using your calculations, I’m now rank 90 in my world. Furthermore, your spreadsheet inspired me to make some modifications to account for differing life and attack buffs (gear, guardian, rune, and permanent), and to maximize strong/weak combinations. Accounting for these differences match up the calculated troops required to my trial and error numbers precisely in the lower maps (haven’t try running through completely with the revised calculations; been waiting for a tournament before hitting all levels again). Nacromancer remain a challenge as I’m to lazy to come up with an expression for multi-tiered combat. I don’t have definitive prof but I believe guardian is the only multiplicative buff. Thanks again for the great job and give me a ring if you like to see what I have done.


  12. I have to say job well done on this. For those of us who enjoy playing the game, but don’t have the time to set up this kind of spreadsheet, this is beyong helpful. Im now in the top 80 of my world and I haven’t even perfected my scores on anything except Clearing The High Pass. I just thought I should give you some props. Thank you so much for this site.


    • Thank you so much for the kind words! Its always very nice to get these comments…lets me know im doing something worthwhile! Of course, I see the viewer numbers on the site and see its popular, but these kinds of comments are always appreciated!


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