Wall Might and why you shouldn’t have it!

We have all seen the messages, either in chat, on some website, or through our own mailboxes….



If you click on the top alliances, many have this even stated as a “cardinal rule”. At first (2 weeks ago) I disagreed. I built me some mighty wall might. And things were going well for me. My 30K might mighty wall seemed to discourage any attackers form approaching my front lawn. Then, one night, some big ass 200k might player decided otherwise.

At first, I didnt even notice, and just started playing as usual. Then, I looked at my might and saw I was missing some 30k (120k back to 90k). I couldnt figure it out, I had my troops on hiding….weird stuff. Then I went through the reports again and AHA, of course, my wall was knocked down harder than Rihanna. From that moment on, I was in the camp of “NO WALL MIGHT(ish)”.

Find out below my take on wall might…

(Dis)Advantages of wall might

So let’s go over the pro’s and cons of wall might.

  • Pro’s
    • Quick gain in might
    • No managing whatsoever of the troops. They are there, they defend you.
    • No Upkeep –> No food needed for these jokers
  • Cons
    • Terribly inflated might. Nice for your might number, but nothing alike when it comes to actual battle performance
    • Attracts opponents. Players looking for easy kills swarm towards wall might like flies to pig shit.
    • Will not protect your gold!

To build or not to build…

All in all, the cons far outweigh the pro’s. It might seem even necessary for beginning players to build some wall might, giving a false sense of security.  First of all, the might walls give is terribly inflated. A 1000k might wall may be taken down by even a low-level-hero 300-500k tier 1 army (probably much less, especially with a 212)!

And because this might to attack (or rather defense) power ratio is so inflated, powerful users are attracted too large walls because they offer cheap kills. Remember that the player rankings are based solely on might, either gained or killed. In the end, if you have a multiple k might wall, some player will eventually find you and take it down. Even worse, if you relied on your wall for protecting resources instead of investing in a proper vault (an absolute MUST!), the attacker will also run away with your hard earned food, wood and gold!

An argument to make FOR building wall might is that it is one of only two ways of protecting your gold, the other being un-hiding your troops. However, though sound in theory, this argument is negated by the above two arguments….Eventually, someone WILL destroy your wall and take your gold. I’ll explain in another post why keeping on to your gold isn’t that big of a deal.

So, zero wall might then?

Now, although building much wall might is strongly advised against, having a little little bit can’t harm you. Many players who farm, send out relatively small armies out with many carts, mostly to test your defenses and see if they can make an easy steal. For those small attacks, which can happen regularly, having some might will help a bit to stop loosing your gold ALL the time. Building 10 pieces of each defense troop is a reasonable amount. Something along the line of ~500-1000 might works best for me. Making it bigger will make it a target for attackers again, but this amount is just enough to stop the cart style attacks.

2 thoughts on “Wall Might and why you shouldn’t have it!

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  2. I recently saw what looks like a rather NEW City Wall Defense to be able to train. They are called “Stone Shepherds”. On my game a person can train only 6 of them. They do not seem to have might but what is their regular upkeep? They rank high on might and attack. What are the attributes of these “STONE SHEPHERDS”? Thanks!!!


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