How to get Great High Scores on Campaign with Tactical Troops

master rangerSo, when I first wrote about this subject in the older articles, Tactical Troops (TT) had not been released yet or just shortly, and I never added a new article about getting good high scores for CHS events. But every major CHS event I see an enormous spike in views, so I guess people are still looking for the ultimate guide. And although such a guide does not exist really, here are the steps you can take yourself to make you personal best CHS guide using TT!

1. What makes a great High Score

Short recap: High scores are defined by Efficiency and Vitality (marching time has been eliminated), which are made up by the number of troops you send in and the number of troops you lose respectively. Basically you will want to lose the least amount of troops with the least amount of troops send.

Is one better than the other? Yes, Vitality/number of troops lost, is much more important compared to efficiency. I’ve said this before, but I almost doubled my campaign scores when I first used Replenishing gear, even when attacking with full 122k armies! So focus on losing the least amount of troops first, and then work back to sending out the least amount of troops.

2. Troops to use

So of course the TT Stone Giants and Master Rangers are what you use to get the best score. They have by far the best defense and offense available in-game respectively. Master Rangers kill the Goblins, and the Giants provide a meat shield for them.

3. Guide to use

Also said before: There is NO ONE guide you can just copy and which works for you, unless you have the exact same buffs and gear as the author AND the author actually got the best set-up figured out. You can use them as starting points surely, but the end goal is to make a guide for yourself, tailored to your guardian/gear/perm buffs!

4. Hero, Gear and Runes

Quite simply: Highest level hero, best Defensive gear, and both offensive and defensive runes, including RoI and RoF! Using defensive gear comes from vitality being more important.

5. Getting great scores/Making your own guide

So as preparation, you should have some form of noting numbers down, preferably Excel or something. Note down each level and leave room for number of troops sent and lost, as well as high score. Whether you start blank or with another guide as starting point is up to you. So here we go in a few simple steps:

5.1 Send a full wave

First thing you do is finding out how many Giants the Goblins can kill in one attack. You should aim to end the battles in one round in combat, hence this step. You do this by sending 10k something Giants, and filling up the rest of your army with Master Rangers. Take note of the number of Giants killed.

5.2 Reduce the numbers

Next step is to reduce the numbers. Start by reducing the Giants to 1+the number of killed Giants. Always use one more than killed, as the first alive Giant could be killed 5/6 for all you know, which equals multiple Rangers.

Next reduce the Master Ranger number. First bring it down to around 5-8 times the number of Giants (this depends on the level of your gear: the better you gear, the more times you should multiply the Giants). This should in most cases not result in additional losses on your Rangers, and Vitality should be the same as found in 5.1.

Next keep reducing the number Master Rangers, small steps at a time. Keep doing this until you see your losses go up again. Eventually, this will net you the perfect amount of Master Rangers to kill the Goblins resulting in the minimum losses found in 5.1. In principle (!), this is your personal best High Score!!

5.3 Eliminate chance element

Now, although battle is almost 100% fixed, there is a SMALL random factor in it somewhere. This is most notable in the higher Moria maps, and good campaigners will all have experienced this. For example, if you have a map where you lose 122 Giants, there is a small chance that if you keep hitting it, one of the hits will result in 121 Giants lost, and up your score.

Where this comes from is unknown to me, but I have had frustrating times in campaigning where I had hit the “121 mark” high score of the example above before, and couldn’t seem to get that score again, constantly losing 122…Only after attacking 10+ times I got it again. So for absolute best numbers, hit maps multiple times with the same set-up, especially Moria maps!

5.4 Update your guide regularly

Last step is to keep your guide up to date. So whenever you acquire new gear, improve your Guardian or get new perm buffs, it is advised to go through campaign again and adjust the numbers when necessary. Doing this on a regular basis ensures you won’t lag so much behind other players when new gear and items are introduced!

6. Roundup

So as far as I know, this is the best way to get your high scores up. Did I miss anything, or am I wrong on some points? Or do you have an even better strategy? Let me know in the comments, and until then: Happy campaigning!!

44 thoughts on “How to get Great High Scores on Campaign with Tactical Troops

  1. Wonderful article!! This is the best help guide I have seen so far. For people like me that haven’t been playing consistently but still want to improve when we do play again this guide is awesome! Going to be following your advice.


  2. Im getting best high scores with replenishing sword, cloak, void amulet and ring. And at last Bard’s Black Arrow I. I got attack debuff on it. I have heard its best to have life debuff on it, but idk.


  3. I have tried actually sending 10k giants and rest rangers at campaign maps over 75k might and I consistently get better scores than when sending smaller armies… Anyone else notice this?


  4. And if ur having trouble…getting getting high scores.. try this… use ur best def hero and gear… as i said earlier.. beorns axe.. bilbos cloak.. bards ring.. and replen amulet and shield. If u dont have these.. use as many of these pieces as u can.. substituting replenishing gear and or void amulet and ring. Rune up.. gem up.. and then start by sending 500 sg and 4k MRat each map. Check ur attack report.. and see how many SGs died. Then send a new attack.. with just 1 more then what died in the previous attack. From there…just subtract MRs.. until your scores stop increasing. This will work on all maps and camps.. excepting Lake town bosses. For those send 1k sg…and 50k MR to start… then same rules apply. Good luck -DB


      • use the one ring with the most recent setup this site has posted, in place of bards ring for smaug maps only, it helps score


    • Incorrect. I’m getting my best results on most levels with Replenishing Weapon, Shield, & Cloak, Void Amulet, and The One Ring. However, Bard’s Ring I’d the only piece of gear I’m lacking, so I’m unable to test that. While Beorn’s Axe *is* the best defense weapon in the game, it beats The Light by only 0.3% life buff, while sacrificing over 10% atk buff. In CHS this is huge. Incidentally I did test Bilbo’s cloak as well, on Bilbo, and it performs far worse than Replenishing.


  5. in current CHS ive been getting same score using beorn/void amulet and ring/rep shield and cloak as with same setup except necro sword, the cloak fooled me for awhile too because the base might lost using porters with max MR is less because of the extra troops cloak provides but the amulet ring combo allows to tweak further than with cloak, also that proves that ring/cloak is better for general GK.


  6. In terms of loss/win troop ratio or minimum # of Stone Giants (mSG) to Master Rangers (MR), the equation is MR = map level * mSG. For most players, player buffs are in excess of vitality for map level 1-2 (and maybe 3-4) so all that is needed is 1 SG or MR or one of each to clear it and have highest score. For lower player, ratio of 1:2 is good enough (not mid 3+). For Smaug, all are 10x except for map 1 boss and Smaug itself. Smaug map 1 boss is a 8 multiplier and Smaug is (mSG + 2) * 10. When your buff is in between minimum # of SG needed, say x SGs and one MR killed so one would use mSG+1, then divide the multiplier for that SG by half and round up (eg 10 SG and 1 MR would equal 11 SG and on map 5 total MR would be 10 * 5 + 2.5 = 52.5 or 11 SG and 53 MR is needed to max the score). Enjoy.


  7. So, let me ask this dumb question of mine 🙂 Can you put in simple words how do Campaign High Score Events work? Let’s say I attack all maps on Moria/ Clearing the High pass, I get score sub par my best score, then this cumulative score albeit inferior one by one gets to be included in the CHS. Then I come about and improve on my high score of a few map places and get let’s say 3 mil more points. Do the 3 mil points get inside the pool of CHS points or does the per map place improved score in its total go into it, I mean the full score not just the improved few million points?


    • The highest score you achieve on each map during the tournament is what is counted. For example, if your previous score for Map 5.1 in Avenging Moria is 3 million and during the tourney you do the map and get a score of 2 million then the score that counts in the tournament is 2 million. If you do the map a second time during the tournament and get a score of 3.5 million then your score that is counted is 3.5 million.

      Only your highest score achieved during the tournament is what counts.


  8. On this most recent series of CHS events I discovered that even though my hero level jumped from 245 to 250, I have embedded gems in the gear and I have upgraded my gear, it is taking more Master Rangers and Stone Giants to kill the goblins than a couple of weeks ago. Has anyone else noticed this? I cannot achieve the same high scores that I had before.


  9. There must come a point when you do the Alliance Campaign High Score Campaign that you cannot beat your best score and there for cannot help your alliance gain points. Are there any tips on getting better scores apart from the previously arrival.


  10. Pingback: Cómo ajustar la cantidad de tropas para puntuación en campaña | oin36

    • Don’t ignore this blog because it is in Spanish. It has some great stuff. Google Chrome has a built-in translator, as do some of the other browsers. The explanation of a 2-stage attack on bosses seems really good, but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. Congratulations, Oin36.


  11. Beardmonkey,

    Great guide as always. I posted this information as a reply to another comment on the recent “best gear” article, but since it applies to campaign I’ll rehash it here.

    #4. Hero, Gear, and Runes
    Full replenishing doesn’t give the highest scores. Only way I can think to explain why is the Law of Diminishing Returns. Once the life buff reaches a certain point, anything above that is more or less wasted so you get a higher score by using a mix of buffs. By mixing gear you are improving the vitality and the efficiency instead of just one. For the majority of the maps, the best gear combo seems to be Void sword & cloak, Necro amulet, and Replenishing ring & shield. For some maps (majority of Avenging Moria and Smaug maps) the best gear combo seems to be Void sword & cloak with rest Replenishing. I’m not sure why, but if I had to guess I would say that the higher troop losses on those maps means a more useful bonus from an extra Replenishing piece than the efficiency bonus of adding a piece of Necro gear.

    #7 Attack map bosses multiple times
    This is a new tip that I don’t see listed in your guide. The bosses on each map page have a life bar that doesn’t reset between attacks if you lose. On every Avenging Moria and Discover Smaug boss and also the last boss in Clearing the High Pass and Through Murkwood, you can get a higher score by losing the first attack and killing everything on the second attack. It varies by map, but if you kill between 1/3 and 1/2 of the troops on your first attack and then for the second attack send the number of rangers and giants needed to kill what’s left with only 1 of your giants surviving you will get a higher score than is possible by killing everything in the first attack. How much of a score increase varies by boss, but on some of them a score over 1million points higher is possible.

    There are several of us on my server that are over a 250 million score with one nearing 300 million and we all use both of these techniques.

    I can email you more information on campaign if you are interested.


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