Runecrafting flowchart, up to level *7

buivaultTo complete this little series, I adapted the “training Tier 4” chart to give a complete overview of the dependencies when runecrafting your city buildings. As I haven’t runecrafted my own Musterfield yet, I am not sure how the dependencies will change, but for level *1, requirements are equal. Note that the Armory is a requirement for runecrafting your City Wall, but that the Armory itself cannot be runecrafted.


The Runecrafting chart:

Once again, no number=equal requirement, number alone=static requirement, number plus a minus sign=dynamic requirement. All buildings not mentioned here can NOT be runecrafted.


1 thought on “Runecrafting flowchart, up to level *7

  1. What’s the point to Runecrafting a Farm, so far I have not use other than expanding population, which is not needed as I login often to top up my Training queues.


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