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Obsolete. See this article for updated version! Continue reading to see the full, outdated post for reference.

In my article on Spreadsheets and tools, I provided a link to a Campaign spreadsheet among others. But I now recognize it was a bit obscure, and on Elemmakil’s advice, write this post to bring it under the attention once again. Reason of course being that Campaign high score events are happening frequently at the moment, and the Discover Smaug chapter is up now. Not knowing if these maps will disappear after all the events for the release of the Desolation of Smaug, I thought about putting this out asap.

So I ran through all campaign maps and put the information in one spreadsheet. When I say all, I actually mean “ALL, except Avenging Moria 2-5”, which I havent done as they are quite might heavy. So click on the below link to download the Excel spreadsheet with all information. It contains map names, exact number of troops, troops needed to defeat based on your stats (fill it in on page 1) and confirmed drops on many of the maps.

IMPORTANT: To avoid future confusion, the suggested numbers of troops in the spreadsheet are NOT meant to give you the highest possible score on the levels. They are meant to sustain minimal damage by making the fights only take up ONE round. For more hints on how to get great high scores, see this article!

For those going after Smaug, 100k T1 is sufficient to defeat him, and a Rune of Invulnerability will help lower the losses. Do not use Rune of Fury though, it is not needed and nets you nothing extra. Happy hunting!

21 thoughts on “Campaign spreadsheet

  1. Fantastic document, thanks for taking the time to create it.

    I’m not sure how much work it would be but would it be possible to be able to select which types of troops you have (for people who do not have access to T4 and T5 troops)


  2. I don’t know if this is a dumb question or not, but im not sure exactly how to fill in my part of the spreadsheet…I understand the hero lv, honed blades lv and runes %, but im not sure what to fill in for the strong against bonus, and the bonus multiplier %.


    • The bonus multiplier needs not be filled in, it is calculated from the numbers you stated. Also, strong against bonus is not needed, just leave it at fifty. It is the bonus your mounted have against ranged (and R>F and F>M).

      Ill be reworking the sheet due to new information, stay tuned!


  3. Hi there, very good overview, but as in the comment about, I dont understand… indicate how many of T1, T2, T3 troops to use but you dont state what?


    • The T1-3 numbers are indications of how many troops you need to destroy the enemy in one round of fighting. Basically, I calculated the life points of the goblins and divided by attack points per troop per tier, based on the hero level and runes etc you filled in on the spreadsheet. It assumes you use the strong against types of troops, so use foot against mounted, ranged against foot and mounted against ranged.

      Please note though, and I will make this clearer in the article, that this approach (i.e. the numbers suggested) will NOT give you the highest campaign scores possible, just minimal losses and fighting over in one round. For campaign scores, see the relevant article on my site (cant put link here).


  4. Could you specifie the runes %, what exactly is used and what bonuses are usable for max 100%. I guess life boosting % is not counted into it?


    • Use the runes line to tally all of your attack buffs. That would include combat rune (20%), rune of fury (100%), battle cry, and city guardian ferocity in the city you campaign from. If you only use one hero for campaigns, you could also include the hero’s gear attack boost.


    • Keith is correct, use it to specify all attack buffs you have running. I could split it into more parts, because the spreadsheet was written before Hero equipment and Battle cry/Shield wall, and before I got into the guardian buffs. So just tally all up and place that there…


  5. Wonderful Spreadsheet! Been a HUGE help, and saving me lots of time of drafting up my own formulas.I see a few changes that could be made though, if you are updating this in the future (at least on the version i just downloaded yesterday)! Nothing major, at all though!

    1) On your some of the Smaug and Necromancer campaigns (on 5th map, there), you are not calculating the enemies Heros level into its Attack calculations, thus it doesn’t adjust to the enemies life, either. With these huge levels, it can make a HUGE difference. Quick fix, and likely just an oversight, adding the *(1+(HEROLEVELCELL/200)) portion to the Attack cells.

    2) Also, your notes regarding the ‘boss life’ bar on the boss battles. This is just a troop count total, of the boss, and does not seem to add life to any calculations. Smaug shows 30,000/30,000, and have 10k of each troop type, totaling 30k. On the bosses, If you lose the battle, the ‘boss life’ bar will be whatever # of troops are remaining. On one map I had left 113 Dart Throwers, and when returning to the boss, it had left 113/XX, show. I should have looked whether this means you can then assault the remaining force, instead of the full map, on a second attack.

    3) You might make additional notation to now add in Statue attack%, Warcry Bonus%, as well as hero gear attack %. I’m assuming these are all additive, but would be good for people to calculate these percentages in as well, shave off a few more numbers.

    Again, such an awesome job! I love that whilst its not perfect for ‘highest scoring’ of the maps, it is a really good scoring #, and designed to minimize troop losses. Once people get ‘capped’, that’s when they can maximize their score and really crank the individual numbers.


    • Further note, forgive the second Reply! I did some fiddling with the ‘boss life’ bar. It is as I thought, just a bar of their total troop #s remaining. If you lose the battle, it retains memory (for how long?? not sure), and you can attack the newly weakened force. Example, I attacked Clearing the Path, 4-5, with an insufficient number, leaving 178 Log Rams. A quick, second attack to it, my force only battled the remaining 178 rams, for a victory. Rewards seemed on par with the normal totals of winning the battle in a single assault.

      So you only have to incorporate the goblin “Hero Level” given, and basically ignore the ‘boss life bar’, unless you plan on losing and sending a second wave… which.. seems silly! Suppose maybe for smaug, if you don’t have the +%s to boost 100k T1’s enough to kill him in one go, and only want to use T1s.


      • Thanks a lot for the comments. As with other comments made on this article, I will incorporate these in a future update. Im crazy busy at the moment though, and working on a few new articles first now. Indeed I have noticed some of the points raised, but not followed it up with an update yet. I will as soon as my time allows it. In the mean time, thanks for the suggestions and corrections!



  6. Great spreadsheet. Here is some Moria data to fill in some holes.

    Avenging Moria
    Silvertine Cliffs 640 Rock Throwers, 1000 Armored Warg Riders, level 105, use foot
    Watcher’s Lake 440 Log Rams, 1200 Armored Warg Riders, level 110, use foot
    Narvi’s Doors 860 Log Rams, 860 Rock Throwers, level 115, use ranged
    Guard Chamber 600 Log Rams, 600 Rock Throwers, 600 Armored Warg Riders, level 120
    Entrance Passage 1800 Log Rams, 1400 Rock Throwers, level 120, use ranged

    Outer Halls 600 Log Rams, 1000 Armored Warg Riders, level 125, use foot
    Main Passage 1300 Log Rams, 400 Rock Throwers, 400 Armored Warg Riders, level 130, use ranged
    Warehouse Chamber 500 Rock Throwers, 2000 Armored Warg Riders, level 135, use foot
    Great Hall 600 Log Rams, 2200 Rock Throwers, level 140, use mounted
    Lesser Halls 1600 Log Rams, 1400 Rock Throwers, 1600 Armored Warg Riders, level 140, use foot

    Watch Post 2000 Log Rams, 3600 Armored Warg Riders, level 145, use foot
    Main Hall 600 Log Rams, 1200 Rock Throwers, 4000 Armored Warg Riders, level 150, use foot
    Armory 2400 Log Rams, 2400 Rock Throwers, 1600 Armored Warg Riders, level 155, use ranged
    Balin’s Hall 1000 Log Rams, 3000 Rock Throwers, 3400 Armored Warg Riders, level 160, use mounted
    Battlefield 2400 Log Rams, 6000 Rock Throwers, 2400 Armored Warg Riders, level 160, use mounted

    Mine Entrance 6300 Log Rams, 4300 Armored Warg Riders, level 165, use foot
    Ore Chamber 5500 Log Rams, 1900 Rock Throwers, 3600 Armored Warg Riders, level 170, use ranged
    Deep Delving 5600 Rock Throwers, 5000 Armored Warg Riders, level 175, use mounted
    Workface 11000 Rock Throwers, level 180, use mounted
    Dark Chasm 10000 Log Rams, 7000 Rock Throwers, 3800 Armored Warg Riders, level 180, use ranged

    Reception Hall 11000 Log Rams, 11000 Rock Throwers, level 185, use ranged
    Guard Post 18000 Rock Throwers, 6000 Armored Warg Riders, level 190, use mounted
    Entrance Hall 7500 Log Rams, 4500 Rock Throwers, 12000 Armored Warg Riders, level 195, use foot
    West Gate 12000 Log Rams, 6000 Rock Throwers, 12000 Armored Warg Riders, level 200, use foot


  7. Thanks for making this spreadsheet, I bet it took a lot of work and it looks wonderful. Are you planning on added calculations for sending in T3s or T4s?


  8. On the spreadsheet you list how many tier troops are needed. However I could not find which troops to use (range, mount, foot) of that amount against the goblins?


    • As said on page 1, the numbers assume you use the correct troops against certain enemies, so that they have the ‘Strong against’ bonus. This means you should use Ranged against Foot, Mounted against Ranged, and Foot against Mounted. Does this answer the question? I could have taken more time and split each number into troop types as well, but the spreadsheet has enough information as it is already I believe…


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