This is why you save Tokens!!

It has been just over a week since I posted you should hold on to your (now) Galadriel’s Tokens, and behold, last Friday came the moment to show the truth behind it all. Following all kinds of deals and tournaments for the upcoming release of “The Desolation of Smaug”, the Premium chance game went on sale for 1 token to play!

Now, it had only been 16 days from the previous sale, so only 16 tokens could be saved, but I got extremely lucky, and won TWO Token chests over the course of playing the Premium chance game! Take into account the Tokens inside the chests you win with the game, I spend roughly 150 tokens, without a dollar spend. Then to top it off, 2nd, 3rd and 4th city deeds could be traded for even more tokens, and the number rose to just below 200 tokens! Read on to see what I won with those and why it ABSOLUTELY WORTH saving those tokens for these kind of Premium chance deals…


So 16 Tokens brought me all of this:

  • 2x Fourth City deed
  • 1x Third city deed
  • 6x Hobbit Building Crew
  • 2x Master Builder (mine)
  • 1x Master Builder (quarry)
  • 1x Hero’s Glory (215)
  • 3x Hero’s Renown (215)
  • 12x Train with Gandalf
  • 6x Train with Archers
  • 2x Rune of Fury
  • 2x Rune of Invulnerability
  • Numerous runes of destruction/combat/protection/shield
  • Numerous hourglasses, including 2x Infinite, Valar, Mayar, Gandalf
  • Key Fragments and a Master Key (campaign)
  • Various items such as Radagasts Gift, Open gates, Naming rights, Stamina refills
  • Thousands of Forge runes and Ascension runes
  • Troops:
    • 178,000 Tier 1
    • 13,000 Tier 2
    • 40,000 Tier 3
    • 43,000 Tier 4
    • 5200 Tier 5
    • For a total of 5,700,000  gained Might!
  • Numerous Precious Metals and Gems for upgrading the City Guardian
  • And lastly, large numbers of Rss and Rss runes

17 thoughts on “This is why you save Tokens!!

  1. Hello guys i want to ask about the position. Which button you chose in token game. For about 2 months i try just one position top right and i have won just one hbc. What is your opinion it’s better to mix or pick one?


    • doesnt matter, its random. Pick one spot and press it, now compare the (relatively) crap items to the once you see in the squares you dont press.

      Pick a new swuare which showed BC and that kinda stuff and then use that for a number of tokens. Suddenly, that square drops (relatively) crappy items as well.

      Its just a lottery, with all the non-pressed squares showing the top items to lure you in…


    • You cannot anymore. It seems this was a temporary trade in the Sage tower. I think it was because, at that time during that premium sale, you would win a lot of chests with extra city deeds, as the game was just expending to 3rd and 4th cities. And although you can still win deeds in some instances, the trade from Sage tower has disappeared and I havent seen it since……sorry to disappoint 🙂


      • Aaaw… That’s a shame. I’m sitting on so many 2nd city deeds and I can’t even send them to alliance members. Such a waste. Nevertheless, thanks for the quick response. Your site has been very helpful several times!


  2. Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this. I thought that premium chance deal was only for a one time thing for new players. Reason being was because I started playing shortly a day or two before this all happened so I was under the impression it was for new players.


    • Yup, dont spend the tokens on the normal games…it is so much more profitable to save them for premium sales…And NEVER forget to do the daily free token trick, it takes no time at all!


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