How to train Tier 4 troops

dwarfphalkanxIn light of Tier 4 troops now being almost completely available for training (just waiting for Ranged troops atm), I thought it would be handy for those that do not train them yet, to chart which buildings and researches you have to upgrade to train them. It’s gonna take a lot of time to get there, and once there, the troops also train hella slow, but here goes.


The below chart lists all building and research dependencies. Red stars denote lvl 10 buildings, yellow stars runecrafting. Red numbers denote allowed differences in level. For example, Masonry needs to be at level 2 to research level 10 Siege Weapons. These numbers might change during leveling up, but this is what I saw at the time of writing.

The Chart:


No clue, but I hope it helps some of you in deciding which buildings to spend HBC’s on…Good luck!

13 thoughts on “How to train Tier 4 troops

  1. I’m kinda confused by the chart as well. I have all buildings at lvl 10, as well as research. At this point, I’m stuck as to what needs to be upgraded or runecrafted next, and to what degree or level. If you could write that out for us dummies it would be appreciated. Love the site and work you do. Thx again


    • no you can still train them, but you will not see the option to trian them if your barracks isnt leveled up. Once Barracks is runecrafted, you’ll see a new tabe under Training that reads ‘Advanced’, under which T4 can be found.


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