Problems with farming gold

Gold_ShotOk, I know not many of you are following this blog, but it would be great if someone could give an answer to this. So as you all know, you can farm any resource over vault level by sending carts or wagons alone, provided the enemy does not defend.

To farm gold however, you need to send some attack troops along with your wagons or carts, to be able to also take home gold. They need to ‘breach’ the wall and defeat the defending troops, even if, in actuality, no wall troops are present. So yesterday, I noticed I was running out of gold and farmed some of my close-by neighbors.


What I found however, was that the number of attack troops needed to take the gold varied between players. I does not really matter, but I dont like not understanding game mechanics πŸ™‚ , so here is the data:

goldfarmresultsSo, my question: What is going on here? Why do I need 10-11 troops at one city, and 20+ at the other? What is the formula? Is it simply the city wall level or is their more to it? Any help is appreciated! Good luck

13 thoughts on “Problems with farming gold

  1. did they have any runes in use? Or even though they did not have any wall units or defenders out, wouldn’t a hero associated with Training also affect defending in this instance? I think it does. And then what additional buffs does the defending hero have?


    • Yes I was. The attack setup was identical, hence the strange results. Even stranger is the fact that with wagons alone, I sometimes DO loot gold from players, which seems it should be impossible, And these players have all reasonable level walls as well.


    • Could be it indeed elemma, I think it is either that or wall level. I must note though, that the players are fairly low lvl, so i dont expect them to have high level heroes. They also didnt have wall troops for such hero to lead….

      I’ll keep digging πŸ˜‰


      • I have been wondering as well and was coached by a very experienced player who walked me through farming 14 million in gold from him–When I asked why I needed troops for the gold, he responded that it was a combo of wall level and Hero level. I sure would like to know!! Cheers on all the rest of your tips: our alliance LOVES your site/blog.


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