How to use your Galadriel tokens

tokenGaladriel’s Gift (previously Gollum’s Riddle) is a great way to obtain some of the most powerful items in the game. Besides troops you can train yourself, many items are exclusive to either Galadriel’s Gift, or chests and special events, which are not always around. That’s why it is important to spend them correctly.


Tokens can be granted by chests or special events, you get a free token every day (which you can only use on the ‘1 token’ Galadriel’s Gift and doesn’t stack, so if you do not use it one day, you will not get another one the next day), and most importantly, you can get an extra free Galadriel token every day by performing the ‘sharing trick’.

Tokens are spend in either the normal, cheap Galadriel’s Gift, or the 6-token Premium riddle. The premium comes at a six-time prize compared tot he normal riddle, but has way better prizes to offer. So assuming you save a token each day, you can do the Premium chance 5 times a month…..not a whole lot.

So my advise? Save them up! Every now and then, KABAM will put the Premium riddle up for a discount, where you can play Premium for 2, or sometimes even 1 token! This is a great way of getting really valuable items for bargains. We’re talking HBC’s, Training with Gandalf, runes of Fury/Invulnerability, T4/T5 troops, Hero’s Glory and Renowns etcetera.

These events are not common, but they are worth the wait. You will be happy you did the next time such an event comes by and you have like a 100 tokens or more! I have seen people gaining millions of might and dozens of HBC’s etc through saving up for these events.

So be wise, and save instead of spending!

6 thoughts on “How to use your Galadriel tokens

  1. I’m confused. I’ve tried saving my tokens, but I can’t use them on the premium chance. Only if I win tokens another way, like a chest, can I play the premium chance. Am I missing something?


  2. Great post, really helpful!
    I don’t know how some people save up 100 tokens. On my realm there is a discount very 2 1/2 weeks or so.
    Also, there are a couple spots in the post that could use some editing :P. Totally unrelated to the topic.
    Anyway, thanks again.
    – Flame


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