Farming your Third and Fourth City Relics made easy

thirdcityUpdate: Rhyno just asked for help with 2nd city relics. Basically, everything stays the same, the goblin camp will just drop second city relics instead of third city relics!

Update 2: My final results at the bottom!

Finally after waiting long enough, not only have Third cities been enabled on our server, but relics started dropping from Goblin camps 6-10, giving players who do not spend money on the game or who did not win a 3rd City deed already a chance to farm the relics themselves.

I’m in the process of farming my relics and are nearly there, so I thought it might be handy to share my strategy with you guys, which nets you a Third city Deed within 2.5 hours of farming!!


So here are my tips and strategy to get the deed in just over 2 hours:

1. Use high level camps and high level Sage tower

This seems so easy and intuitive, but ive seen many people go after level 6 camps because ‘it hurts their might less…..’ nonsense. The basics: Relics drop from goblin camps with a certain chance. The higher level the goblin camp (minimum 6), the more relics. Likewise, the Sage tower increases drop chance, so higher=better.

For my strategy I used my level 9 Sage tower city (spend my HBC’s on more important stuff), and attacked one level 9 goblin camp over and over. The advantage of a level 9 camp is is that it only has ranged Goblin types (2100 troops to be exact) spread across the Tiers, so you can attack it with exclusively Mounted troops, which are “Strong against” ranged.

2. Drop chances

As stated, go for higher levels Sage tower and camps for better drop chances. From my attacks, the drop chance with a level 9 Sage tower and level 9 goblin camp is between 6 and 11% (see results at the bottom). This means that, in total, I will need to attack the camp 900-1660 times to acquire my 100 relics.

3. Do empty camps also drop relics?

YES! Contrary to what some other blogs or websites might lead to believe, a camp which has not regenerated its goblins after defeat can still be successfully attacked for relics. My strategy is to spam attack one camp over and over (see below), so from all my attacks, only the initial attacks starting the chain, which is a handful, defeat the goblins. The majority is attacks on empty camps, giving them no chance to respawn.

4. Wont this hurt my might?

NO! Remember, my strategy is to chain attack one level 9 camp. The first attack wipes out the goblins. Normally, they regenerate after some time (easily within one minute, but not sure exactly how long it takes). The chain attack however gives the camp no time to react.

This means I loose only what I loose on my attack-chain-starting attacks. In my first attack, without runing, I loose roughly 1k Tier 1 mounted troops! IF I would have the time to farm all one hundred relics in one go, this means I would farm my third city for 1k Tier 1 troops and some hours of free time!!!!

5. So I should be close to the goblin camp?!

Yes! This is literally the ONLY way this strategy might fail! In order to chain attack, you ideally send out your last available hero just before the first returns, so that you can repeat this cycle indefinitely. So, ideally, you will want a camp within one minute of your base, preferably within 30 seconds (which is the minimum travel time in this game).

I happen to be so lucky I have a level 9 camp literally next door. If you dont, there are still some options:

  1. Use a Gandalf’s gift to move in (port) next to a level 9 camp (or 8 or 10 if not available)
  2. Use Radagast’s gift and hope/pray you move closer to a good camp
  3. Use higher Tier units to decrease travel time

The key here essentially is that the time between consecutive attacks on the camp is shorter than the respawn time of the goblins!

6. Do I use the map or bookmark?

Bookmark! When you attack on the map, you ‘marches’ sub-menu (those green bars, you also have them for training and building) pop up every time an attack is finished or a march returns to your city. With 8-10 marches out this covers (on-screen) the map location you are centered on, i.e. when you press the goblin camp to attack, if the green bars pop up, they cover it on your screen and you have to click them away before you can attack. Given that your chain attacking, chances are they keep popping up and this is pretty annoying.

So, to avoid, just bookmark the camp once. Give it a name starting with “AAA” or something, so it is at the top of your bookmark screen (which is alphabetical). Now, simply attack from your Musterfield the bookmark and no green bars will annoy you..

7. How much time should be between attacks?

This depends on marching speed and number of heroes available.

  • I have a level 9 Great Hall in my ‘Sage tower city’, so 9 heroes at my disposal.
  • When I check the attack time on my map, I see it takes my army 30 seconds.
  • Which means the round-trip time is 60 seconds.
  • When my first attack/hero returns, my last attack/hero should have just left my city
  • So I divide 60 seconds by 9 heroes = 6.7 seconds between each attack. Lets say 7.
  • Meaning that attacking once every 7 seconds (easily doable) I can sustain the attack chain.

In short, divide round-trip time by number of available heroes…

8. So…strategy?

Basically everything has been said already…

  1. Find a suitable goblin camp closeby
  2. Bookmark it correctly
  3. Go to Musterfield
  4. Start attacking with highest Hero
  5. Keep chain attacking the camp, spacing attacks correctly
  6. Attack…attack…attack again
  7. Construct your third city!

9. How much time did you say it takes?

Remember from paragraph 2 I need 1660 attacks max. Remember from paragraph 7 I need about 7 seconds between attacks.

1660*7 = 11,620 seconds = 3.23 hours = 3 hours/14 minutes

Good luck with farming people!

10. Update: my results

So, after completing the relic farming, I tallied up the results, which can be seen below:


Results are given in farming rallies. So I got my deed in six runs, as I did not have time to do it in one go. Which means I lost about 6000 T1 troops. More interestingly though is the varying drop rate. I know, I know, the Law of large numbers forbids me to make any definite judgement on drop rates, but there at least ‘seemed’ to be quite some variance in drop rates. Final results are:

  • 1163 attacks performed
  • estimated time required: 2h/16m
  • average drop chance: 8.6%

This is way better than I first projected when writing this article, when the rate was estimated at about 6% (which was true for the runs I had done by then). But final runs showed much higher rates of around 10%! What causes this? I have no clue. Like I said, it could be simple randomness at work….I did do the first runs during the day and the last ones in the evening, but I doubt this has anything to do with it.

37 thoughts on “Farming your Third and Fourth City Relics made easy

  1. I recently farmed 3rd and 4th city relics in several different worlds. I farmed them from my first two cities. I found that yes, you can get relics from empty camps, but the percentage is extremely low. It is much higher when goblins are in the camp. I also discovered that the goblins respawn fairly quickly, and it does not matter how often they attack. How long it takes them to respawn seems to very. Sometimes they respawn right after an attack, and sometimes it takes about 2 minutes or maybe a little more. You can repeat attack, but you are going to lose troops every few times, and the attacks in an empty camp yield a much lower drop rate.


  2. Absolutely awesome! Thank you so much for your time, hard work and willingness to help others. You have made this so much easier to understand. THANK YOU!


  3. I have a an enemy player constantly stealing my third city relics. I attacked him back 3-4 times, but no relic stolen back. Do you have a hint on how to steal relics?


  4. Awesome post man! Ton of help! Just one question. I followed this method but for second city in a newer world and hit the crap out of a lvl 6 Goblin Camp I am right next to with a level 6 sage tower but I only got relics when there were troops. Any ideas why? Does my sage tower need to be higher for it to drop better when empty? Thanks again!


    • I’m having the same issue farming 4th city relics in another world. I’m string attacking a level 9 goblin camp I am right next to with a level 9 sage tower and it is only dropping when there are troops.


      • It takes about 45mins to an hour for the camps to refill. Basically you can only hit the same camp 2 to 3 times in a row. Once, there are no troops left then you have to wait 45mins to a hour later.


        • I found it takes about 5 min for the camps goblins to return, but the rss only starts to come back. The rss takes longer to fully come back. Most of the time the relics drop when the goblins are there but heres my method. Attack a camp strong, then follow that attack with 4-5 1 cart attacks. If you dont get the relic on the first hit, you should get one on the next 4-5 hits.


  5. Thanks for the great post, it was really helpful.

    I still have one question though. After the initial release, do you have to wait until you get mail saying “third city relics are dropping” again?

    Once again, thanks for the post.


  6. Firstly really love ur blog here bro.. congratz..
    I try myself that the camp respawning or not.. and yes it is.. i do the chain per 5 sec with 30second march.. and the camp is respawning in 1 mins.. the first one it is wiped out.. and the 2nd until 5th it is zero.. but the 6th (about 1 mins after the 1st) it is respawning..

    I keep trying this for 5 mins and camp 5 times respawning..

    Perhaps kabam has change the rule..


  7. I saw several things here that are wrong. First, the drop rates are screwed. I bookmarked about 10-15 lvl6 camps near me. I would attack them whenever I was on. NOT attacking one over and over again. I used a lvl 9 sages tower and my drop rates were around 80%.


  8. World 119 (a more recent world) still not dropping 3rd city relics even though they are available for purchase in the shop. Just have to wait for Kabam… And I noticed the goblin camps all repopulate every 6 minutes, totally unrelated to when you hit them. and Thanks for the blog.


    • Seems some things were changed yes. Concerning the relics dropping, yeah just have to wait. About the respawning; it used to be so that if you kept hitting the camps, they would never respawn. Havent hit goblin camps in a long time though lol


  9. I’ve been farming for my City 4 recently. I wish I kept data on all my previous relics (already earned about 70)…. But after seeing this, I thought I’d give it a try.

    My sage tower was level 9. My musterfield, was only level 4, and unfortunately my nearest level 9 was 1m5s away.

    I did 108 Attacks, but given the difference in timing with only 4 heros able to be sent, I had some that had small population regrowth (the first ‘tick’ of regrowth seems to respawn 2.1k Goblins in a T9 camp).

    Interestingly enough, my findings were:

    I earned a relic on my first attack.
    I earned 3 relics, on 17 attacks against a “respawned camp”, where there was the small number of goblins present.
    I earned 1 relic on the remaining 90 Attacks of an empty camp.

    I wonder if the % of spawn is somehow based on the number of goblins present, too? I further when and attacked 16 full goblin camps, of levels 6-9. And received 7 relics, from these 16 camps… almost a 50% drop rate from full camps, from these hits.

    It could just be luck and randomness, but to me it seems like a fuller camp has a better drop rate. It is good to know you can still get the relics from an empty camp, in the past I was told that, but in my previous attempts, I’d never gotten one. But I never sent this many attacks in a row, either.


    • Well, you might be onto something. If you look at the other comments, people indeed report that empty camp drop chances have been lowered significantly it seems. Btw, I also noticed, in my own attempts, that full camps seemed to drop a relic almost always. Im inclined to say KABAM changed the coding so that camps with goblins have higher drop rates and empty camps drop almost nothing anymore.

      I made my strategy because I didnt want to spend much time nor loose much might, for which it worked perfectly. I what you report is indeed how it works now, timewise it would still be similar I guess, as you wait for respawn, but drop rates are much higher. You will lose a bit more might, but if you have millions, I suppose that isnt a deal….

      If the drop rates are indeed lowered to 1-2% for empty camps, this strategy is of now (almost) useless, but im not inclined to delete this article yet. Anyways, thanks for your feedback/contribution to the site!


      • I simply found 30 lvl 6 and 7 camps and hit them in rotation. This increased drop rates to about 85%. I used lvl 3 troops, which means I lost about 100 every hit on a lvl 6 camp, but I got my 3rd city in only about 200 attacks.


  10. Hi Beardmonkey,

    Is there any requirement needs to be fulfilled before we can start farming for third city relics? I currently have 2 cities and with keep 10 and 9 individually. Also, my sage tower is at level 8, but i tried farming at gc level 10 for more than 20 attempts. No third city relics in sight. Does different world/server has different settings?



    • At the moment, I have no idea about other worlds. I dont assume game mechanics change between servers. Ive only noticed some servers have other tournaments or have things introduced at different times.

      I did get other reports of people not finding relics (see below comments). Worst case scenario, KABAM saw this as a bug and they did indeed change this….But I would need more input before drawing conclusions…and no way to test for myself.

      Please keep me informed on your progress and I can check to see if there is a solution…thanks


      • I attacked a lv9 camp 288 times in a raw and didn’t get one 3rd city relics. Maybe it has to do with different worlds, maybe KABAM messed it up, but one thing is for sure: they aren’t dropping. There is a 3rdcitty deed available in the shop for mithril, of course. Does anyone have any other suggestion on how to get those damn relics?


  11. How did u only loose 6k t1 troops? The goblins respawn after 2mins or so, I an only get 2 waves in after my starting attack, so it would take ~1163/18= 64,6*1k t1 troops = 64600 troops lost total?


    • I do not understand your numbers completely. 1163 is the number of attacks needed I presume, but what does the 18 represent?

      Anyways, for my losses, as you can see in my results, I farmed the relics in six big chain attacks.

      For each chain attack, the first attack kills the goblins and costs me around 1000 t1 troops. However after that, another attack hits the camp every 7 seconds or some. This is not nearly enough time for the goblins to regenerate, so every subsequent attack costs me NO troops, as im fighting zero goblins.

      But the empty camps can still drop relics, hence why this method works. The key is to be so close to a goblin camp you can send out an attack around every 5-10 seconds, indefinitely in theory. I only did my farming in six runs because I didnt have the time/opportunity to do it quicker, but it is possible to do it in one run…


      • Thanks for the quick response!

        But the camp regenerate after ~2mins, so you loose 1k troops every 2mins? Or don’t they respawn when you keep attacking?


        • Exactly! they dont respawn when you keep hitting them! So you can attack hundreds of times without worrying about goblins, because the respawn system doesnt work that way…

          Its not that after the respawn time, the goblins suddenly appear again. It seems the respawn timer is reset after each attack. On top of that, respawn isnt instantaneously either; it is possible to attack a camp and see just a small portion of the goblins respawned if you wait the correct amount of time…

          But I think that as long as you attack within 20-30 seconds, no goblins will respawn in that time!


          • Wow that sounds awesome, I will do some testing soon, they might have changed it for the new servers though.

            Really awesome guides you have here mate, thanks for sharing!


            • Thank you very much! And let me know if it doesnt work anymore! I did this on server 91 a few weeks ago for third city. Already won my fourth city deed in premium sale, so havent tested it for 4th city relics. Let me know! 🙂


              • I am on world 105 and I am farming lvl 9 camps, hit it about 200 times, chain attacking, no might lost except from initial fight. But for some reason I can not get ONE third city relic


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