Useful tools and spreadsheets

Throughout my time playing KoM, I have made and used a number of spreadsheets and JAVA programs to help me out gathering information and making decisions. Some of the info from the spreadsheets was used in other blog posts here, but most remained private.

I thought it might be handy to publicize some of it so you guys and girls can use them too. Below is a list of description for the various sheets and program(s) and a link to download them. (More will follow)

Resource/troop training program

The first on the list is a small program I wrote to decide how many of each troop type to train to burn through your resources. Ideally, if you want to produce equal amounts of all troop types, you need rss ratios to be 1.3 food/ 1 wood/ 1.1 stone/ 1 ore. However, in the course of farming and constructing, the actual rss ratios in your vault are often different. You might get a huge pile of wood from a certain farm, or your farms seem to be short on ore.

In any case, I always try to adjust my troop trainings to reasonably reflect my resource ratios. So if I have a huge surplus of wood compared to stone and ore, I train more foot troops, as these require relatively more wood compared to mounted and ranged troops, and I dont want my ore and stone to be 0 and still have 2m wood. Assuming you want to do the same, the link below is to a small JAVA program I programmed myself.

Program download link

Its a small , stand-alone, visual UI based JAVA program, very basic. How it works is, you put in your amounts of resources available (in M and/or k), press the calculate button, and the programs tells you how much troops you can train and in which ration you should do so to make the most of your resources.

At its core, it compares 1.000.000 combinations of troop training ratios, and sees which best matches your actual resource ratio. It then gives you the number of troops you can train.

Because food is equal for all troop types, it isnt involved in the ratio calculation, but you can fill it in to see the actual number of troops you can train. If you dont want to factor in food, set it high (10 M or some).

Likewise, available population is, although not involved in the ratio calculations, also a limiting factor. Fill it in if you want to take it into account. With the checkbox you can opt to include or not. Default is not.

Two notes:

  1. AFAIK, it should be able to run stand-alone on any platform with JAVA, but please leave a comment if the program does not start…
  2. The program does not work if on of the rss boxes is empty, hence why they have a 0 by default. Please remember this. And leading zeroes dont matter.

Battle report sheet

For most intents, the in-game battle reports are sufficient, you either win or lose, but in some cases, you want to need a little bit more. Especially in bigger battles, might exchange and K/D ratios can be interesting. For this purpose, I made a battle report spreadsheet. Fill in the troop numbers at start and end, and it calculates the rest for you.

Battle report template link

Campaign spreadsheet

To get high scores in campaign and minimize troop loss, I made this spreadsheet which gives an overview of the campaign levels, the troops they have, and theoretically the minimum amount of troops it takes to defeat them. This takes into account your hero level, runes bonuses, honed blades lvl and the “Strong against” bonus. Few notes:

  • Its a work in progress, thus:
  • Factors your bonuses to attack power: Hero level, honed blades, rune bonus and ‘Strong against’ bonus. You can fill these in yourself
  • Factors in Goblin hero level, but not yet the boss’ lifepoints in boss levels.
  • It assumes you select your troops so that each will be fighting the opponent they are ‘Strong against’
  • Levels covered:
    • Clearing the High Pass:  All parts          (5/5)
    • Avenging Moria:               First part        (1/5)
    • Through Mirkwood:          First 4 parts   (4/5)

Campaign help spreadsheet link

Various graphs and tables

The below spreadsheet contains a number of things, some useful, some not. It contains tables on Hero levels and the XP needed to reach them, and a number of graphs and tables I used for various of my previous articles, on for example the troop discussion post and happiness/taxes/population post. See for yourself if you want to use it or not….

Various graphs and tables spreadsheet link

8 thoughts on “Useful tools and spreadsheets

  1. I was wondering, I’m not too familiar with spread sheets but I have an iPad. What apps do I need to download to use these spreadsheets? I love your blog! There’s soo much information in here that will help me, than you !


  2. Your ressources/troop training program is awesome! Now I can maximize my use of ressources and my troop training, it’s great! I do have a question though… Is it possible the numbers are off for the T1 troops? I always seem to run out of wood to produce the same amount of troops the programs says I should be able to when I get to the 3rd type… If this helps you tonspanswer my question, I always input the food and idle population numbers when using the program


    • hmm theoretically I would say no, but I can have a look at the source and see if I made a mistake. t1-3 should be fine as they all have similar ratios for each troopt ype….Ill have a look, thanks!


    • Not sure if that is a question or suggestion? If a question, then sure, keep me posted. If for a suggestion, I can see what the best way is to keep the updates under the attention.

      And thank you for liking this site. It started out as a simple means to give alliance members some advice, but traffic is really picking up! 🙂


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