New World Mergers announced

merger iconWhile it seemed that the whole World Merge hype wasn’t lived up to by Kabam as a lot of worlds weren’t scheduled to merge for a long time. Whether this late reveal was Kabam’s plan all along or whether they listened to the stream of complaints of people wanting to merge I don’t know, but the list has been greatly increased. I have updated the information in the World Merger article with all currently known server merges.

This info came partly from myself and partly from, which has an excellent article with all the mergers and timers running down to show when servers exactly merge, be sure to check them out!

World Mergers: All you need to know

openscreenYes they are coming: the World Mergers. Players going inactive means many servers are slowly dying out, which is bad news for active players. Luckily Kabam has come up with a solution: Merge a few relatively inactive worlds into one more active one. But this will of course have some consequences, especially for players playing in multiple worlds. I do not have all information yet, but Kabam has made an excellent post on the forum with a lot of useful information. For completeness I have copied the contents of that post below, and will amend any info I find that is not in there.

I urge all players, but especially those with multiple worlds to read it carefully and start preparing! Any questions? Feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll try to answer. The forums are of course also a good source for additional info, so check them out as well!

The following list are worlds that are confirmed to be merging with each other. Part of this information is taken from this website (, which also has timers running down showing when exactly each merge will take lace! Be sure to check them out! Merger list and Kabam info below the fold:

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