Lake-Town is released! Sort of…

So, the good news is: Lake-Town expansion with the coveted Lake-Town 5th city has been released, hell yeah! The bad news? Instead of a AToM to win it first for a head start as promised, Kabam decided to shell out again.

You can now buy *sigh* the starter pack including Deed for 750 Mithril, or 40/50 euro/dollar….And if you do not? Wait one week and get it for free! I advise anyone to just stick it out for a week and get it for free, advantage is not worth the 750 mithril IMO. Unfortunately, that also means that my article on Lake-Town will be postponed for at least a week, but too bad….

Update: Just out of curiosity Im wondering what percentage of my readers will buy it now, so…poll 😉  

Update 2: Apparently, the Deed will also be available in shop separately for around 300 mith


29 thoughts on “Lake-Town is released! Sort of…

  1. Sorry i’m still confused here. I didnt get that email from Kabam, neither the in game Mail. There was nothing on Nov 27th.

    but i did recieved in game Mail saying v12.8 is available. and i update it already, but i dont see any sign on Lake-town Deed.

    Surprisingly i have 2 Lake-town Deeds in Sage Tower which i believe it was there a while ago but cant remember where did i get it.

    Please enlighten me. Thanks guys


    • first conquer an empty plain. Then press the city icon at the top and go to lake-town. You’ll see a couple of green ticks next to requirements plus a button to start your next city. Next the game will restart and you are of to build Laketown!


  2. Guys.. im trying to find out whether the alliance buff for the vault does affect the storage/ protection limit for pearls. The forum is no help so far. Does anybody here know more?


    • U have to update the Game (; Kabam is going to release Hobbit v12 soon – probably on Decenber, 4th. There is no specific info about the release date tho, i am only guessing (: After u upgraded the game u can somehow claim the deed. Taht u can to till January.


    • just wait for the update, I still dont have it either. On the 4th you’ll get the deed for free, probably as a log in reward, so be sure to restart a few times during th day until you have the deed!


  3. wondering if you have any info regarding hbc’s in the 5th city. I recently saw a laketown architect for sale in the shop which makes me think Hobbit building crews will not be used in the 5th city .can you confirm


    • I can only confirm that at the moment, I have Lkae-Town architects in shop for 15 mithril. I can not confirm that HBC’s will not be needed at all, or for which buildings these architects are needed….


    • To build many of the main buildings you need pearls and architects. Hbcs are still required for lvl 10 and runes for the runed levels. Hrcs required for *11. My big bottleneck is architects because it often takes more than 1. Btw, I won my 5th city in premium.


        • Realized I was posting from my business account, so I changed. I didn’t keep track of my past buildings, but I can tell you where I am stopped now:

          Lake-Town Tower (similar to Sage’s Tower but Kabam indicates it will do different things) – Level 10 requires (in addition to rss) 102,400 pearls, 1 hbc, 3 Laketown architects

          Vault Level 10 – Requires 51,200 pearls, 1 hbc, 3 architects

          Boat Level *5 requires 1600 pearls, 4 architects

          I didn’t buy my 5th city but won it in Premium. I got 10 architects, plus 2 more from a chest and these 12 got me to where I am now. I am at 10 on the rest of my main town buildings (except for Embassy). I have at least 1 Barrack and 1 Home at *11.


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