Update on this Blog’s near future!

openscreenSo, as some of you might have noticed activity has been a bit low in the past 1-2 weeks. This has been mainly due to private life interfering 🙂 . But do not worry, I’m not gone! I predict that activity will remain a bit low (but not zero) for the coming week (and possibly part of the week thereafter), but after that I am gonna pick up the pace again. That being said, here are some of the things coming in the near future:


Of course, new articles are coming, as well as updates on existing ones:

  • Hero Equipment is gonna have the newest gear pieces added in, such as the Smaug shield and Lieutenant weapon.
  • Gem Embedding article is going to be completed with new information on mining and Gems. Unfortunately, Gem mining still has not been enabled on my server (91), but it should be this week, so expect new information coming shortly. Gem mining itself might get a separate article..
  • List of Bugs & Improvements. Been wanting to do this for a while and now starting on it. I want to make a list with every known bug or gameplay issues, plus recommendations on how Kabam can fix them (if possible). No clue how useful this is going to be but doing it anyway.
  • Tournament series. Number of articles on all tournament types and how to play them. Already touched slightly upon this with the CHS articles, and now the others are coming. Basic strategy and preparation for both individual and alli tourneys.
  • 3D map will get a small article shortly on the new graphics, KoM 101 style.
  • Attack orders. I have worked out all attack orders for all troops (which enemies they fight first) and working on the graphic for it. Article coming out shortly I hope!
  • New Tactical Troops. We know they are coming, and when they do, expect a quick update to the Tactical article.

Moving to a different URL!

Yes you read that right, the web address is going to change. I think it is time to move away from the .wordpress.com designation. What the new URL is going to be is not clear yet, but just remember for now that the site appearance is gonna stay the same for the most part and that typing in the current URL will just redirect you to the new site. More on this will follow when matter shave been arranged.

So that’s the updates for now. I know it has been a bit quiet the last few days, but just hang in there for new stuff coming soon. Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “Update on this Blog’s near future!

  1. Thank you Beardmonkey for improving my game. Try to keep up the great information and insight. We use the info in my alliance to keep us all up to speed.


  2. Thank you for this wonderful blog.

    Once your world is able to gem mining then you’ll realize that Kabam created this not only for gem collecting but more like providing a new battle ground. This way they created an opportunity to kill the typical farmers/huggers who always closed and normally won’t do tk.

    Mining is a new battle ground. Rune of protection doesn’t apply to mining troops, so they can be hit. And the battle mechanics is different from regular cities battle. I’m sure you will unlock the battle mechanics of gem mining and post that in the near future.



  3. BeardMonkey everyone in Server ; 42 and 49 that I play with THANK YOU for all thr time and effort you have put in this website. RL comes first and were patient people. Good things come to those who wait. Thanks Mate ….Wodyat105


  4. Nice Blog. I follow it ask the time. Let me know if you’d like help finding a url and hosting provider. I have start up company focusing on web hosting and would be competitive and willing to help.


    • Not sure. For one I do not spend that much Mithril so it does not affect me personally that much. Secondly, I have no clue whether or not this will change anything with Kabam. A mith ban, if to be effective, should go for all servers and players, and I dont know who is participating.

      But yeah, stories abound about the poor customer service primarily which has upset a lot of players, and which prompted this action. I all for getting Kabams attention to fix the problems, with both the game and the customer service, and if this helps Im all for it!


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