Explain this to me Kabam….!

So I’m staying up to date with CHS, getting little increments in score, but then I noticed this on Mirkwood 5-5:

weird scores

Lower Efficiency and same Vitality, but a lower overall score?????! Kudos for the KoM wizard who has an explanation for that…..*sigh* talk about hidden game mechanics!

14 thoughts on “Explain this to me Kabam….!

  1. Campaign scores are based on 4 numbers: troops fighting(e), goblins fighting, troops dying(v) and goblins dying. If all troops die, if e=v, the score is zero. Only when all goblins die is there a positive score, so for scoring purposes a single number represents goblins fighting and those dying. If troops and goblins both survive, more rounds of fighting follow until one side is wiped out.

    There is a key difference with the Boss on each level. When all troops die, the surviving goblins remain instead of resetting to their original levels. The score for this battle is zero, but another battle is possible. When you send more troops, this second fight is scored like any other, using efficiency, vitality and number of goblins.

    What has probably happened here is that 6 troops killed different numbers of goblins on the two occasions you describe. The first time, they killed 700, and the next time they killed 800. On the second hits, efficiency and vitality remained the same, but the number of goblins differ by 100. This leads to a lower score the second time, ironically because your troops were stronger for their first hit. ( each time you have two hits, in case anyone is getting confused as I am by my description)


  2. Isn’t vitality the amount of troops killed? If so this makes sense as you send a lower amount of troops but the same amount is killed. Meaning that overall a higher percentage of troops was killed the second time thus increasing your score…


  3. One of the attacks was most likely a double hit, something possible only on boss levels. Score is figured on the basis of the second hit alone, though they show the combined efficiency and vitality of both hits.


    • The same attack, slightly different score happens to me all the time. Usually not radically different though. I often get a new high score the 2nd time I attack using the same troop configuration. There must be some sort of randomizer in the calculations.


    • There is a randomiser element to CHS on every map, something that is unexplainable in the battle mechanics and cant be replicated with any CHS calculator.


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