Update 10.3: Hero 249, new TT and more!

SC20140610-151127So a new update has hit the game and it seems promising in that it looks like a bunch of new features and troops are being introduced. Information given here is gathered from in-game mails primarily, but also from word of mouth, so stay tuned to see if those turn out to be right.

First thing I noticed was the ability to finally being able to donate more Vala stones at a time. I can now donate 60 per click…thank god for that Kabam, it was getting rather tedious. But there is more.

New 249 Hero’s have been introduced to the game! This on is confirmed through official Kabam emails. Currently, 249 Renowns are being handed out in rare chests (not even guaranteed) which can be won in for example tournaments.

Embedding Gems into gear has been added to the game, including new items, research, locations and Gems! Find out all about it in this new article!

Next is the introduction of 2 new Tactical Troops: the Pikemen and Longbowmen! These are not actually in the game as of yet, but if you go to a hero’s details screen and look at debuffs, you see them added at the bottom near the other TT. See screenshot below. So, can’t be long probably 🙂

new TTNow the last item I want to mention is based on rumors, but apparently, training of Tier 5 and/or TT is also being introduced shortly, but I have no way of confirming this. When I find out more I will update this article accordingly. In the mean time, cheers guys!

14 thoughts on “Update 10.3: Hero 249, new TT and more!

  1. I think we’re all getting a handle on this — I really want to know how the Book of Legends business works — what does it actually do?


  2. Can someone explain how to upgrade your hero to lvl 249? , I left the game for a year and just returned , my lvl 217 Hilad used to be a badass now he just gets his ass kicked , Train with runes don’t work on my 212’s and above, help! , also I am noticing gear that seems to give an extra boost to certain owners , i.e. Radagasts staff seems to boost Radagast , the oakenshield seems to boost Thorin and so on , should I try upgrading these types of heros even though they are at low levels?
    P.S. great site , keep up the good work , thanks for the valueable input.


    • You can upgrade them as you did before: with Renowns and Glory items. But you’ll have to win these from Galadriel(Gollum) or from tournaments, you probably do not have them yet if you stopped for a year.

      I guess when quitting for a year you will be so far behind the rest of the server, maybe start over on a newer one with lower level players?


  3. Have I missed something completely? I’ve had tactical troops “to train” but – as of yet – untrainable – for months now – I’d this not he longest worst teaser ever?


  4. There also is a new research that appears in Kindle update regarding a gem pouch and it looks like this is used to enhance gear with imbedded gems….


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