Alliance Shop: All you need to know

articlepicSo the Alliance shop was added to my server last week. Weird, as some newer servers got it way before us, but anyways, it’s here now! Time to E&D. For those who do not know yet what this thing is all about, I will explain in this article what you can do with and for the Alliance shop. Where do you find it? What’s E&D? What can you get from it and how do you do that? That and more, after the break.


1. The Alliance Shop in a nutshell

overviewSo what exactly is the Alliance shop? Basically, the shop is a place where ALL alliance members can, and should, donate certain items to gather points. There are two types of items that can be donated: Amber Stones of Vala, and resources (food,wood etc). To find the Alliance shop, simply open the Alliance tab at the bottom of your screen, whether the new function will show if enabled on your server.

There are also two types of points to be gathered: Loyalty points, which are your personal points to use, and Alliance points, which benefit the entire Alliance.

With Alliance Points, the Regent and Vice-Regent can buy permanent and temporary buffs for the entire alliance, or upgrade the shop. With Loyalty Points, you are able to buy items in the shop for yourself.

2. Leveling up

In gathering Alliance points, your alliance steadily levels up. At first it goes really fast, but it get’s slower the higher you get. The alliance tab shows an orange bar with the current alliance level, and the points needed to level up and gathered so far. Leveling up your alliances frees up more buffs for your alliance, allows you to upgrade the Alliance shop, and allows members to donate more Stones and resources, gathering Loyalty Points and Alliance Points more quickly.

Note: the maximum level of the Alliance shop is level 50, at which point you can donate slightly over 1000 Vala stones per day, and 6 Topaz Vala stones.

3. Gathering Points

In the main Alliance (shop) screen, you’ll see three new buttons: Balance, Entrust, and Donate (E&D). The 3 buttons lead to the following menu’s:


3.1 Balance

On the Balance screen, you see how many Loyalty points (LP) you have, how many Alliance points (AP) your alliance has at the moment, and how many LP you received or gifted through mithril purchases. That’s right, buying mithril also buys you LP, at a rate of 1:1. Buy 1600 mithril, receive 1600 LP. But even better, when you buy mithril, you will also give a small amount of LP to ALL your alliance members. Conversely, when alliance members buy mithril, you are rewarded LP for that as well. Those LP will show up in this screen, and can be claimed by pressing the ‘Claim’ button, so be sure to check here regularly. In the Alliance screen, an exclamation mark behind the Balance button will signal you have LP waiting to be claimed.

3.2 Entrusting Vala Stones

The first method of gathering AP and LP is through donating Amber Stones of Vala. From what I gathered, you are able to donate 10x your alliance level in Stones daily, but in leveling up, the number can be a bit messy, so be sure to check every day, as well as every time the alliance goes up a level.

You can get the Stones through two basic methods. The first is to attack Alliance Bosses. Besides stuff to upgrade your gear, the chests from Alliance Bosses also have a reasonable chance to drop quite some Stone of Vala, so be sure to attack whenever you can, or spawn some Alliance Bosses if they aren’t already. However, with the limited number of attacks you can place every day, getting enough stones from Alliance bosses quickly becomes obsolete.

But the stones also drop in campaign, and this is where you will farm them at higher Alliance shop levels. See this article on where to farm them most efficiently. As with forge runes and armor scraps, the higher levels in Moria drop more Stones, at a higher might cost, but the Stones drop at least all throughout Moria, Mirkwood and High Pass. As an example, Moria map 4 levels drop around 50 Stones in normal levels and 90 on the Boss level. Each donated Stone rewards you 1 LP and 1 AP.

Additionally, Topaz Vala Stones give you 100 LP and AP per stone donated, but these cannot be farmed and come primarily from chests. The limit to donating Topaz stones is 6 per day.

2.3 Donating Resources

The second method of gathering points is by donating resources. It functions similarly to Entrusting Stones, in that you can donate once a day (excluding alliance level going up), although resources are in my opinion much easier to come by through farming or production.

As far as I can tell, the amount to be donated is [30k rss/3k gold] times the alliance level per day, so especially the first alliance levels should be easy to complete daily. The amount you  can still donate is given below each resource.

3. Spending Points

So now that points have been gathered, what do you do with them?

3.1 Loyalty Points

LP can be spend personally in the Alliance shop, which is located in the alliance tab (see first picture). The shop holds quite some items, and refreshes with new deals every day. At lower alliance levels, members are not able to E&D for many points daily, so items will seem incredibly expensive, but I’m sure that when the alliance levels up, prizes will seem more reasonable. For example, at level 1, you can roughly get 20 LP per day. Considering a Bilbo hourglass costs 20 LP, resource runes cost 1000 LP, and Elven Wine costs 2000, that seems like nothing. Just remember the amount of points you can spend and gather grows really fast if the whole alliance works together in leveling up up the alliance and shop.

Right now, the only items really worth something in the shop are Major protection stones for 600 points and Stamina refills for 300 points.

3.2 Alliance Points

AP benefits the entire alliance. The Regent and Vice Regent can use them to level up the shop and the buffs there-in, both temporary and permanent. As I’m in none of those two roles, I do not know the exact prizes for leveling up the buffs. What I can give is some information on the available buffs so far. This information will be updated with my alliance freeing up more buffs.

3.3 Available Buffs

Below are the available so far, what they do, and what the requirements to unlock them are (in red). Permanent boosts are Emporium Boost, Quick Fix, Load Out, Guardian Angels, Keep it Safe and Call to Action. The only temporary buff at the moment is Breeze Through. (Note: the Quick Fix buff runs further than the graph below, to level 15, at which point it boosts building speed by 26%. The Breeze Through levels in my Alliance I missed for the most part, but I reckon that info is not terribly important to pursue)


So that’s it for now on the Alliance shop. I think I covered all the important subjects. Probable updates to this article in the future will include new buffs and more information on the existing ones, but if you feel I missed anything, let me know!

47 thoughts on “Alliance Shop: All you need to know

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  2. Standard items available for each of the Alliance Shop levels would be helpful. Key items like 3d and 4th City Deeds as well as the 50 Galadriel tokens chest are critical knowledge. At what level do they start showing? I would hate to Level Up the shop and pass by the 3d City Deeds.


    • It’s impossible to know for sure, given how rare some items are. And since the shop just changed, if we’d spent the time to have 10 alliances with each level of shop for a few months, we’d have to just redo all that work now.. and they’ll just change it again.

      By observation and not record, the deeds seem split by thirds — so the first few levels are second city, then the next few are third city, and then fourth city.

      The chances of the 50 tokens chest seems inversely proportional to the shop level — level 5 shops seem to have it 3 times a week (or even every other day) whereas a level 10 shop has only seen it twice since the change, as far as I recall.

      If 100 level 1 people started an alliance together and grew with their alliance, this would work well. But it means an alliance with a top shop actually has more trouble helping a new player than a lower level simply because of things like deeds.

      The only thing people buy now, instead of stamina, seems to be picks.


    • As far as I know, there is no list of items that become available at any moment. Mind you, I didnt watch the shop for days on end while we leveled to 50, but all the items I see there were there from the beginning mostly. Token chests have only been recently added, so I cant say for sure if they are available at lower levels…but like I said, afaik shop level does not influence items availability…


    • Yeah thats gonna be difficult. I havent been in a position to see what upgrading the shop and alliance buffs cost im afraid, nor am I going to use one of several level 2 alts in other worlds to level up the shop to 50 to find that out.

      What I can say about the items is that they do not change with shop/alliance level, and neither do the prizes. The only benefit to upgrading seems to be the ability to donate more stones and acquire higher alliance buffs, for which all the info (or most of it) is given in the article…

      Hope this helps!


      • The items change with both shop level and alliance level. Gear, mystery chests, trains with, and all that grow with each level. We’re at shop5 and an alliance upgrade started showing trains with gandalf. We see 14m strong. Prev shop level was force of 1000. I wish kabam would just publish it. …


        • I am pretty sure (though 100%) that this is regardless of level. Please remember that the shop doesnt show all available items all the time. There is a timer at which time the shop refreshes and brings new items. MAYBE the early levels (<10) are different, but I have seen the same items for most of our Shop levels. At level 50 (max) the only useful items are still stamina and 12h protection rune…


  3. Does the alliance shop have a limit on the number purchases for a particular item? If so, is this dependant on anything such as alliance level or number of members in the alliance?


    • No. This is just based on the amount of HP you’ve earned either via donation, entrusting, or buying Mithril. e.g. if you have 300 HP, you can buy 1 stamina refill. If you have 30,000 HP you can buy 100 refills.

      From what I’ve heard, the maximum daily HP at alliance level 50 ends up being something like 1500. (Not sure if that includes topaz or not.) Over time, that serves as a rate limiter, but nothing stops you from saving it up.


        • No, it’s not like that. Every day (Middle Earth Time), the alliance shop resets and the items change, randomly. (There’s a timer at the top of the shop screen.) Stamina refills aren’t guaranteed to be there daily. (I’m not sure anything is, but some have a high chance of being there.) Just save up HP and buy them when they are.


          • Ok, thanks for the info again. Maybe I’m a bit cynical as it was a chs day. I have bought a fair few to keep me going and I have recommended to the rest of my alliance that we ensure we keep enough in stock.


  4. Just wanted to know how much it cost per level of breeze through we are on level 7 and just like to know how much it’s going to cost level 8.9.10 per day to activate plus buy per level


    • Unfortunately, Im not in a position I can check the actual costs in AP to keep the buffs running. Plus, even if I got into this position now, I cannot look back at the lower levels of the buffs… Im afraid that someone else would need to give this information, I cannot help you…


  5. Does anyone know if Hobbit Building Crews ever become available in the alliance shop? And if so, what level shop does it require?
    My current alliance shop is level 7 and we have had Train with Gandalf’s available for quite some time, but no sign of HBC’s, despite them costing the same amount of Mithril in the main shop.
    Just wondering if it’s worth saving my points in anticipation…
    Thanks 🙂


    • I’ve been wondering the same thing, too. A good addition to this guide would be adding what’s often available at each level (admittedly, hard to do, but could be polled for across worlds).

      A couple of points:

      They call it HP (Honor Points) now, not LP. The conversion from Mithril to HP is always 20x. That is, if it’s for sale in both shops, the HP value is 20x the mithril value. This is consistent for all items I’ve checked. (So, for example, an HBC would be 2k HP, and the chest of 5 of them would be 8k HP.)


    • It does now, but I think by shop level 7 it switches to HRC. I don’t recall seeing HBC in our level 10 shop now, but I’ve seen it in a level 4 shop.

      I don’t think I ever saw either before the shop update (early May?).


  6. Temporary buffs — How long do they last? Have you had any experience with this? Wasn’t sure if we wanted to waste APs just to find out it isn’t worth it.


    • A timer starts when triggered. Training buff is very valuable and worth triggering before TaTs and keeping going. It’s also very cheap to activate. (24 hours? 12 hours? I forget.)


  7. What happens if you switch alliances? I assume you just get the buffs that the new one has. What if you return to your previous alliance do you get your donation rank back or start at zero?


    • Yes, you only get the buffs of the Alliance you are currently in. Also you lose a percentage of your current HPs (I believe it’s like 30% but don’t hold me to that). As to the rank, I also think you start as zero, because it considers you a new member.


  8. What sorts of items can be bought by high level alliance shops? My alliance only has a level 1 shop so there isn’t very much good stuff to buy yet


  9. How come when I donate rss and entrust to the max,, I still come no where near the rank 1 to 10 members,,,, what more should I do 😦


  10. When I donate resources under the “Alliance” tab, can my alliance members use them or am I basically just exchanging resources for points?


  11. So I notice you can sometimes donate twice a day. Is there a specific time? Or just random? Because I’ve tried to donate more then once but I guess I never get it at the right time.


    • You can donate/entrust 1x per day, and 1 additional time for a lower amount every time your alliance levels up. So if your alliance is close to leveling up check back often to make sure you get the additional donation/entrust before the daily counter resets.


  12. Good article, would be great if u could add what additional items or buffs are unlocked in the store at higher levels.


      • Believe the post meant what items are added in the alliance store as the store Ireland isleveled up. My ally store is at lvl 5. Curious to know items each store lvl upgrade adds as well?


        • Havent really seen much difference. From what I recall, and I didnt write this down or anything, but items and prizes and buffs dont really change with leveling up.

          We still have stamina refills and combat runes coming by, never any of the really good stuff. Sometimes chests with an annihilation amulet, but nothing major. Dont think it is alliance(shop) level related.

          Prizes also havent changed in at least a long while. Stam refill is 300 points now and has been for as long as I can remember,

          Concerning the buffs, also nothing new has appeared that Im aware of…..

          Hope this answers it


          • I’ve noticed a difference in overall quality of the alliance shop items. Our ally shop is now level 4 or 5. I think it’s more a case of the probability of higher quality things.
            For example, when level 1 I didn’t see any tactical troops for sale at all. At level 2 they were maybe for sale once a week. Level 4 there is always a type of tactical troop.
            We can now occasionally buy Elrond’s and Galadriel’s hourglasses. Bilbo’ sis rarely there at all.
            At Level 1-2, train with archers was there maybe 1-2 days a week. At Level 4 it’s been there since we levelled up a few days ago.
            Gandalf’s and Radagast’s gifts were for sale today.

            I’m not sure about the chest that’s offered at the bottom. That doesn’t appear to be related to alliance level (from what I can tell so far).

            The prices of these items don’t chance. But, of course, the higher the alliance level, the fewer days needed to save up for said items.
            I’m quite excited to see what higher levels bring.


  13. ive heard that the alliance loses alliance points for every inactive member over 7 days inactive…. you seen this? cant seem to find an answer on forums and kabam isnnt saying much..


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