How to get great High Scores on campaign levels 2

campaign pictureThis article serves as a small follow up of the previous article on getting great campaign scores. I want to delve a little deeper and discuss some issues not touched upon in the previous article.

I will discuss the make-up of a campaign high score visually with a graph I made, go a little bit into Hero gear, discuss the use of guides, the new non-trainable troops and more.

If you have suggestions for more tropics, put them in the comments.


I am going to discuss the following things:

  1. Make-up of campaign scores
  2. Removal of marching times
  3. What to focus on for getting good scores
  4. Use of Hero equipment
  5. Using guides to campaign
  6. The new non-trainable troops
  7. Scoring during campaign events

1. Make-up of campaign scores

This is perhaps not really necessary, but it will give a nice visual illustration of how your troops numbers result in a certain high score. I explained in the previous article how efficiency and vitality are basically the number of troops you send in and the troops that die. Below is a graph showing you what sending a certain amount of troops does to these values, and by extension, your score. Please take into account that the scales on this graph are way off.

chs graph

The red line shows the number of troops you send in increasing linear, up to the maximum allowed by your Musterfield level. The green line shows how many troops die of those that you send in. The blue line shows approximately the score graph shape that comes with it.


Between 0 and A, troop numbers increase, but you are sending insufficient troops to defeat the goblins. The deaths graph is the same as the troops graph, and up to point A, you get a zero or no score.


At point A, the goblin army and your troops are evenly matched. Between A and C, you defeat the goblins with fewer and fewer losses. The deaths graph doesnt go down smoothly, as several numbers of troops tend to result in the same losses before more or less troops are lost. As your losses become less and less, your score starts to increase.

Increasing the troop number further and further, we reach point C. It is at this exact point that combat transitions from multi round battles into one round battles. This means that the goblins have only one round to kill your troops, which means they reached the minimum number of troops the goblins will kill, regardless of troop numbers send in. You can send in more troops, but the goblins will, due to the way battle is done, always be able to kill this amount of troops, so the line becomes horizontal. From point C onward, scores go down, as vitality remains stable, while efficiency score goes down.

Point B

Somewhere between A and C lays point B, the maximum score you can get on that particular map. For maps where you a reasonable number of troops to win, this point cannot be at point A, but COULD, theoretically, be at point C. However I do not think this is the case. Hitting this point is what each campaigner wants; optimal efficiency, low vitality, and the best score possible with their set-up. Setting up a campaigning guide will be mostly about fine-tuning the troop number to reach this point.


Between points C and D, the number of troops killed by the goblins is fixed, and increasing the number of troops sent will only decrease your score. It will not however return to zero again, but slowly move towards a minimum, which is around several thousand points for most maps.

Point E

At point E, we have reached the maximum number of troops we can send out, dictated by the Musterfield. It will be close to, if not THE, lowest score you can get.

2. Removal of marching times

hourglassAs most of you will have noticed, marching times have been removed from campaign altogether. Not that it ever functioned properly, it simply was 30 seconds in virtually all cases. Removing it means no more Bilbo glasses needed, and no more worrying about how quickly you can press the speed up button.

3. What to focus for getting good scores

Now, in the first article, I explained what the basic points are you need to take into account when going for high scores. You want to get to point B in the above graph, which is at a different point for each player/set-up. What I want to add here, applies when you’ve almost reached that point and are fine-tuning the numbers down to individual troops. My point here: Vitality is more important than Efficiency!

In approaching the optimal score, you can try to fine-tune efficiency by sending out less troops, or vitality by sending out more and lowering vitality/deaths. My experience, is that the latter (vitality) has more of an impact on your score. If you send out 4 more troops, resulting in loosing 1 less, scores tend to increase. This seems to be because 1 troop less lost is proportionally better than decreasing efficiency with 1 troop, as the number of troops you send in is ALWAYS higher than the number of deaths (or you’d lose the battle). So in fine-tuning the last steps, try to focus on loosing 1 or 2 less troops, instead of sending less troops altogether.

4. Use of Hero equipment

entJust quickly pointing out here, that you want to go for the highest gear you have at your disposal of course. Now, since we know from point 3 that Vitality has a bigger effect (in general) on scores compared to Efficiency, it is best to focus on gear with high life bonuses. Point in case: Ent Gear. As I already suggested here, Ent gear has decent base attack and life bonuses, PLUS 2% life  bonus to all troops per gear piece. So if you have Ent pieces, put them all on, except for the shield, for which the Pilfered shield has the same life bonus but higher attack.

Theoretically, it is possible for a set to have such an amount of added attack bonus as to be better suited for campaign, but with the sets I have seen so far, the added life bonus from the Ent items outweighs the small loss in attack compared to Pilfered, and helps increase your campaign scores.

If you do not have full sets but pieces of several sets, try to see which combinations gives the best life bonus to your troops, without sacrificing too much attack.

5. Using guides to campaign

excelNow everybody, as soon as a CHS event starts, starts looking and asking for the perfect guide to do the campaign levels and get the best scores, and many people indeed have made guides and will pass them around. But let me clear something up:

There is NO ultimate campaigning guide that suits everybody

This should be more than obvious, but if you look at the comment section of the first article, one person proclaims to have a good list, and almost all comments following are requests to get the list. This seems a bit silly, as each individual player will have different Heroes, different gear, different permanent buffs and different Guardian buffs. And these have a huge impact on campaign scores. If you get two or three more Shield Walls, you can basically throw all your old numbers away. They won’t be useless, but the highest scores will now be for different troop numbers and you’d better get down to fine-tuning your guide again.

So if you want to participate in for example an Alliance CHS event, you can use guides, get good scores and help your alliance. BUT, if you want to go for the top spots, you will need to fine-tune each guide to match EXACTLY the specs and buffs you have at the moment. This does not apply only when you are lucky enough to find a guide tailored exactly to your specs already (lucky bastard), or if you figured out the exact formulas for battle outcome and campaign high scores, which I haven’t seen yet.

6. The new non-trainable troops

MRNow a big monkey wrench in all of this is the addition of the new non-trainable troops just released: Stone Giants, Master Rangers (and Pack Mammoths). The Stone Giants act as Tanks, buffering a lot of damage for your damage dealing troops. These in turn, are the Master Rangers, dealing massive damage but who are quite vulnerable on their own. Pack Mammoths are simply high tier supply troops.

The best thing to do right now to increase high scores in campaign is to get the right numbers of Stone Giants and Master Rangers. They explode scores obtained with normal T5 units. Please look at this article to get to know everything about these new units.

7. Scoring during Campaign events

Now this short points stems from a lot of confusion I’ve seen with people on forums, in my alliance, and here on my site. People often wonder if you need to beat your personal High Score during an event for that score to count. The answer is NO!

Only the highest score DURING the event counts towards your score!

So especially in Alliance based events, it is more important to actually do every map at least once than to get the highest score. Don’t worry you can be just below your personal high score and still make a lot of points count towards the overall score. If, during the event, you do a certain map for a second, third or more time, the highest score among those will count towards your overall score.

And that concludes this article. Hopefully I will have touched upon most issues or questions by now surrounding high scores in campaign, but suggestions for future articles or additions are welcomed in the comment section. Happy campaigning!

15 thoughts on “How to get great High Scores on campaign levels 2

  1. one thing I have found is that high scores are different then lowest loss of troops but don’t use to many that to will increase loses also campaign bosses are different.hit them with everything you can and you won’t lose much and kill then in one shot.lower levels of bosses will not lose troops at all.the 250 bods I use about 6k giants and 120k rangers plus. I lose 43 giants.clearing high pass bosses I lose notroops


  2. My highest score on 107 is 220m so far I have maxed most of the first few pages of necro mirkwood n high pass but require more buffs to complete all the last pages n have got some decent scores on moria n smaug I’m the highest on my server ATM but as soon as a CHS event launches I hope that I do not lose my current lead.


    • Void gear is a bit outdated isn’t with lake town and lakeshore seems to me that you need to use the level 3 bow and Tauriel hero.also rest of weapons are new level three with embedded jems.still working on upgrades but with 250 hero in training the bear our silent lady elf leads them where the bear has taught them the art of bare hand tear short without ruins I lose 40 to 50 troops on level 250 boss.and makes farming smaug easy


  3. Good advice…I’ve got a 245 in full ent gear upgraded to 10, buffs at 50 life 67 defense with a 7/10 on my statue and my campaign score is 124m. Not sure if If you mentioned (im at work so only skimmed :p) but…life (including life on statue and sheild wall buff) is more important than attack power but both are handy. And I’ve always gotten higher scores when I bubble during a campaign run.


  4. Hi, I like the work you’ve done on this site, and the Excel file. It’s came in handy once I managed to include Giants and Master ranger and fiddle it around until I matched my campaign troup mixes. I hit a 90m score in campaign mode with these stats : Hero 238 / 15 battle cry 6 Impentrable wall and a gardian 6/6. Full Ent gear Invul + Fury.
    A simple way of increasing your score is to hit a map with lots of giants and lots of master rangers (a ratio of 1 for 3 is good). That will give you the minimum loss of giants indication. Take that minimum number of giants, and hit again with same amount of Master rangers. Then apply incremental reductions of the Master rangers and you’ll see your score start to go up. Do this until you notice a loss of score. The aim is to only lose the giants, not the master rangers (as a general rule). There are few exceptions to this rule specifically on maps 2&3 of Mirkwood, High Pass and Necromancer where sometimes the highest score is obtained by losing a giant and a master ranger. Hope this helps 😉


    • 230 hero – ent gear leveled up 8 and above – gives me over 17k life. Able to get 94 million overall campaign score.

      Permanent buffs are +13 attack, +7 life; City buffs +4, +4


      • Oh and i meant to put, the aim to achieve the highest score is to leave 1 stone giant with none of your rangers being killed.


  5. Great article. About rangers and stone giants, the highest score possible on most maps is achieved by using a combination of master rangers and stone giants. The master rangers easily kill all goblins on the map with small numbers (increased efficiency) while adding a few stone giants to what you send will result in drastically fewer losses (increased vitality). Overall campaign score around 70 million is attainable by mixing these two troops in the right quantities. Don’t bother asking for quantities cause that’s my secret. 🙂


    • yeah partially figured it out already in the past few hours. Got up to 67 million points total. And thats with Moria and Smaug done with normal troops, so yeah….they rock. Will write an article later on about these fellas.


      • One annoying thing about the stone giants is that they seem to die before any other troops… even T1’s. Learnt this attacking Smaug and having no giants left but still 20K T1 troops 😛


  6. As always, a great article! Thanks for taking the time to put these together.
    The Master rangers do indeed change the campaigning quite a lot. My hero is only lvl 160 and without ent gear (just Havoc and some pilfered) and the first fight on the first map of necromancer requires 3 rangers to get the highest score for me. I think the optimal number of units is 2 with the right gear/lvl… quite different from the 10-15 T5’s needed


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