I’m back!

He people, just to let you know: I went on a skiing holiday for the past week, so if I didnt respond to comments, here’s why. But Im back and in the process of catching up with all comments and necessary updates! Stay tuned and thanks for visiting!

2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Thanks for your excellent posts. I tried to find out whether you had done any blogs on finding of forge runes-best places to search, which bosses drop and which are the most efficient in terms of troop loss etc.
    Also I use the Necro Campaign Map 4-1 to get drops of 2nd city relics. With a sage tower at level 8 I find that I get drops at 50%. Of course there dis consequential troop loss but I had to go this route since there were no lvl 6 available goblin camps within the proper range from my city


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