Quick tip/update on 212 Heroes

legolas smallThis has been in play now for some time I think, but I think it merits an update here: When you want to level a Hero to level 212, you no longer have to be afraid to overshoot the 200 mark. You can apply all experience adding items between level 200-212 now as well!

As discussed in this article on getting a 212, it used to be so that once you were 200 or above, no items could be applied anymore, making it a costly mistake if you accidentally sent out your 199 Hero to see it return 200, which meant no 212 possibility. Well thats the past, so do not be afraid to keep applying archers and warriors items!

3 thoughts on “Quick tip/update on 212 Heroes

  1. Hi

    I was leveling up my hero using train items, but it stopped on lvl 200 and some points were wasted. If try to use any again, I receive warning, that Hero reached max level in this city. Great hall is 10lvl, and it is maximum. Is there any other dependence on other buildings too? Or did I something wrong?


  2. What is the highest level hero that can be attained by applying the ‘train with..’ runes? All the info I find talks about applying the Gandalf at 199 to get to 212. I understand your article says you no longer have to fear going over 199 and being stuck, but can I apply, for instance the 100,000 or 150,000 xp at level 199 or will I be wasting xp? Thanks.


    • you’re right you no longer have to be afraid to go over 199 and get stuck. However, 212 is still the max you can get with Train items. That is Gandalf/warrior/archer/beorn/tauriel….

      beyond 212 you can only work with renowns and glory


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