Some tips to get over 100k Might

Officers have been asked to help some of the smaller players in the Alliance to get over 100k Might. Instead of doing this in-game, I use this weblog for this purpose and will give some tips on how to reach that goal here.

1. Invest in resource production

If you are below 100K, excluding you were zeroed, you are not a big player in this game. Might is gained by training troops, and troops require resources to train. So before you even start thinking about training, make sure your resource production is up to speed. Invest in your farms and mines, or farm small neighbors for some extra resources. Additionally, do not be afraid to ask Alliance members in AC for some help!

2. Protect your resources

Producing resources makes no difference if it is stolen from you every day, so protect them by investing in a proper vault. Level the vault up so that you never exceed the vault limit with your resource stashes. See also here.

3. Increase troop training times

Once you have enough resources, you will want  to build an army as fast as possible. See this article for how to optimize troop training speeds. Remember, don’t go overboard with any one of these tips, find a balance between all!

4. Keep your troops hidden

No use in getting your troops fed to the enemy for no reason, so always put your troops on hiding by default. Leave resource protection to your vault. Putting troops on hiding is done in the Keep and is ON by default in-game.

5. Do not build wall might

In this article I explained why you should not invest in building much wall might. Don’t make yourself a target for farmers or bigger players, invest in (hiding) troops instead!

6. First build, then Train

Fairly simple, first invest in your city to get resource production and training times down. Do not waste resources on troops that are better spend at upgrading your field builings, barracks, or research. First sow, then reap!

7. Invest in, and use your Hero!

Try to level up one Hero as high as possible and use him for every construction, research and training possible! See here for details.

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