How to cheat Galadriel’s Gift?

Gollum_Full_BodysmallStrategy is courtesy Rat_Farts, who mailed it around. So apparently, Galadriel’s Gift appears to be less RNG than expected, and patterns emerge in consecutive results.

Strategy to obtain your second city deed is as follows (though, if this works, you could use it for any item you want): Collect a fairly large number of Tokens, so you can play the game a large number of times in a row (see also here). Now when playing the riddles, look closely at the position of the deed in each result. According to some, there is likely to be a pattern that emerges which makes you able to correctly guess where the deed will go next game around 50% of the time.

I have no clue if this works, but if someone is successful in this, please let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “How to cheat Galadriel’s Gift?

  1. It would be cool if someone could post their screen shots on here and notify any patterns just in case they pop up again. Don’t know if they do, but if no one tries, no one will ever know.


  2. I am currently experimenting with this by screen shooting every daily chance, I am going to try and find a pattern soon


    • There is no pattern…

      Once you click on a box the client sends a request to the Kabam server. In this request there is no data about what box you clicked.

      The Kabam server returns your winning box id + 8 other boxes.
      the client does know what box you clicked and animates that one forward with the winning id in it. the other boxes get the remaining boxes for display.

      The Servers of Kabam have no clue what box you clicked.. so there is not pattern that helps you in any way.


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