How to best use your Heroes!

gandalfsmallIn a number of earlier posts, the use of a Hero is mentioned in optimizing certain game processes such as training troops.

This posts is meant to shed some light upon the use of the Heroes, which can be assigned to various tasks within your city. Once you are in your 2nd/3rd week of city building, your Hero becomes invaluable in saving precious time!

hero comic


Heroes can be assigned to four basic positions within your city. This can be done by clicking on your Great Hall, under the tab ”Positions” (see picture). The positions are as follows:

  • Production: 1% increase in resources per level
  • Training: 0.5% increase in training speed and att/life of defending troops per level
  • Research: 0.5% increase in research speed per level
  • Construction: 0.5% increase in construction and wall troops training speed per level

When do they need to be assigned?

The bonuses are great and all, but there seems to be some confusion, even among more experienced players, about when the Hero needs to be assigned to a certain position. There are roles for which he needs to be assigned permanently, but luckily also some for which he only needs to be assigned when putting the task in queue. The tasks for which the Hero needs to be assigned always are:

  1. Production position. The bonus only applies when the hero is assigned
  2. Training position > city defense. The training position has two sides to it. The part about adding a bonus to your city defending troops’ attack and life only apply when assigned

The more interesting roles are those for which the Hero only needs to be assigned when queuing up the task:

  1. Training position > Troop training. Hero only needs to be assigned when queuing up troops
  2. Research position. Hero Only needs to be assigned when starting the research task
  3. Construction position. Hero only needs to be assigned when starting a construction or building upgrade


This is how I think you should use your hero. Leveling up Heroes is either very time consuming or expensive, so it makes sense to guess that many people, like me, have their one primary Hero which is of a much higher level than the rest.

The default position for this Hero is ALWAYS Production. A lvl 100+ Hero will boost your resource production phenomenally, requiring you to spend less time farming and more time to build and train.

When you want to to do new research, train troops, or construct/upgrade a building, you un-assign the Hero from Production, assign him to the corresponding job and queue up the tasks. Once queued up, you un-assign the Hero again and re-assign to the Production position.

Special cases

A number of cases require you to change tactics and use your Hero differently:

  • (1A) Defending your city. If you are attacked and want to stand to the challenge and face the attackers, make sure you put your highest Hero on the Training position. The bonus to life and attack will greatly minimize your troop losses.
  • (1B) Defending with reinforcements. When you defend your city and have reinforcing armies from alliance members, remember that your Training Hero lvl overrides the Hero level of the reinforcing army. If the reinforcing Hero is of higher level, do not assign your Hero to Training.
  • (2) Attacking. Logically, when you are on the offense and have one high level Hero, you want that Hero to lead your troops, so feel free to un-assign them and use for the attack. Note that this should not be the case when farming….you should farm easy targets only, which do not require a high level Hero for success.
  • (3) Multiple Heroes. If you are lucky, rich or patient enough to have acquired multiple high level heroes, it is best to keep one on Production and use the rest for the other tasks described. Always try to keep Production assigned, unless….
  • (4) You don’t produce resources. Some people (experienced) do not have any resource buildings, and rely for their resources solely on farming others. Needless to say that in this case, the Production position becomes useless.

Hope this was helpful for some of you guys (and girls). Cheers!

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