Update 12.4: New Skills/Hero lvl/buffs/troops…

Update 12.4 hit the stores a few days ago. And like most updates, it added quite some new features/additions to the game, or showcased what is to come shortly. In no particular order the updates are:

  • 3 New offensive Hero Skills: Spearhead II, Bullseye II, Close Quarters II. Their information has been added to the Hero Skills article.newskills
  • Permanent debuffs added, in addition to the perm buffs. Weapon Disarm (attack debuff) and Armor Exposure (life debuff) items function in similar fashion to BC/SW.newbuffs
  • New T4 wall troop: Stone Sheperds (elven) / Gates of Erebor (dwarf). Apparently they are set up as equivalent to Stone Giants for Wall Troops, with massive health, although first testing showed inconclusive results. At the moment, only six can be trained once. Adding to the Wall Troop article as soon as more concrete info comes out.newwalltroop
  • New Tactical Troop: Enchanters. A new troop sporting both high defense and offense stats. Although not shown anymore, lvl 120(!) is needed to train these. More info will be added to the TT article as soon as more info becomes available.new tt
  • Increased player lvl. There is good reason to think (see above) it won’t be long before the player level cap is raised from 100 to at least 120, to train the Enchanters.
  • Increased Hero lvl.  Another cap raised is Hero lvl. A glitch a few days ago enabled players to level their Heroes beyond 250. This was then revoked, but with the update it is now official: Hero levels now go up to 280!

So that’s it for now. Let me know how you feel about the new stuff, or share any information you might have 🙂

6 thoughts on “Update 12.4: New Skills/Hero lvl/buffs/troops…

  1. so, once you’ve got your hero to 250, how do you go about workin your way to the new 280. i haven’t seen no glory 280’s, jus renowns. furthermore, once you hit 250, nomatter how many battles you send them in, they stay at 250. can you help answr this


  2. Hey Bm, firstly wicked site, ok to query
    I get that we can now lvl up hero’s to 280 but this doesn’t seem to work via the usual route ie campaign, caverns, camps, all worked during the glitch the other day? Would very much appreciate you shedding some light on this please. u rock bro keep up the excellent work MALA


      • Firstly, love your site! Very well constructed and informative, with great explanations and input from fellow players – keep it up, it’s very much appreciated 🙂

        With regards the hero upgrades, I agree with MALA and think they have stuffed this one up to be honest…

        Would much rather see NO glory or renown upgrades past 250, to put the emphasis back on attacking & campaigning. i.e. the ONLY way to upgrade your hero should be to attack, the way it was originally. Looks like just another Kabam cash grab as usual.

        I’m kinda hoping the new debuffs will also be added to the city guardian as well, in the same way as the 10% life/attack buffs are. Would be nice to see new campaigns to cover this, but I’d be happy enough if they used the existing campaign & artifacts for them…

        Obviously this would benefit the auto-clicker mob initially, but personally I feel a much greater sense of achievement having worked my way up to something instead of just getting lucky on premium.

        Basically they need to make the game worth playing again to put an end to the people leaving in droves! Lets see how it plays out 🙂


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