Best Sets and Legendary level **

tauriel bowI know one of the articles desperate in need for an update (again) is the Best Sets article. Although containing all level 1 Legendary gear, the level 2 upgrades haven’t been included yet. Now I have two things to say…or three basically, if you count “I’m gonna do them don’t worry“.

First, because ALL the new gear is basically just the level 1 Legendary gear slightly improved (not even basically actually, just fact), I still believe the Best Sets article at the moment is still relevant enough to use, at least as a starting point. I honestly do not expect any major changes when adding in the level 2’s.

That said, I am gonna update them, but as I have been away for some time, I’m not 100% sure which level 2’s have already been introduced. So what I am asking here is to describe in the comments what pieces have been released, and there base stats and specific Hero bonus. The four bonus attributes are already covered in the Hero equipment article, so I don;t need that, unless you find errors in them of course.

Thanks for being patient and see you soon with an updated article.

7 thoughts on “Best Sets and Legendary level **

  1. Smaug Claw II
    2800 (+1200) Atk, 400 HP, 0 Troops , Bard II+
    -2% Enemy HP, -8% Enemy HP, +8% Atk, Random

    Tauriels Bow II
    2400 (+1200) Atk, 0 HP, 0 Troops, tauriel II+
    +2% Atk, +8% Atk, +8% Atk, Random

    Smaug Scale II
    400 Atk, 2800 (+1200) HP, 0 Troops, Bilbo II+
    +2% Atk, +8% Atk, +8% Atk, Random

    Elronds Goldring II
    1600 (+1200) Atk, 1600 HP, 0 Troops, Elrond II+
    -2% Enemy HP, -8% Enemy HP, -8% Enemy HP, Random

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  2. The best sets will not change from here on out. As mentioned above, the next level up of gear is better only if you don’t have the best 4th attribute on the previous set.

    You will also want Bilbo for attack hero and Thorin for defense hero. Their gear is the best. We will see if Bard get’s any legendary gear, but it doesn’t look like it other than arrow.


  3. What i know/have so far:
    Beorns Axe II
    2400 (+400) Atk, 0 (+400) HP, 0 (+800) Troops, Beorn II+
    +800 troops, -8% enemy Atk, -8% enemy HP, Random

    Sting II
    2400 (+1200) Atk, 0 HP, 0 Troops, Bilbo II+
    +2% Atk, +1200 Troops, -8% enemy Atk, Random

    Gandalfs Wand II
    2400 Atk, 0 HP, 0 (+2400) Troops, Gandalf II+
    +800 Troops, +800 Troops, +1200 Troops, Random

    Smaugs Tooth II
    1200 Atk, 1200 HP, 0 (+2400) troops, Bilbo II+
    -2% enemy HP, -8% enemy HP, -8% enemy HP, Random

    Bilbos Cloak II
    1600 (+600) Atk, 0 (+600) HP, 1600, Bilbo II+
    +2% HP, +1200 Troops, -8% enemy HP, Random

    Gandalfs Cloak II
    1200 Atk, 0 HP, 1200 (+2400) Troops, Gandalf II+
    +800 Troops, +800 Troops, +1200 Troops, Random


  4. All Rank 2 legendary gear is out and in circulation.

    One thing that is becoming more important with the way the sets are being done is both the hero bonus (Thorin gets 36% for 3x pieces of his Leg2 gear, for example) and the fourth stat being perfect (e.g. a perfect leg1 is better than a bad leg2, but a bad leg2 is better than anything but a perfect leg1).

    That is to say, knowing how the fourth stat plays in as well as the legendary bonus is critical when choosing gear.

    If the pattern holds, by Rank 3, we’ll finally have an amulet that can challenge the replenishing amulet — but only if you get one with a perfect defense stat. With replenish not really available anymore, even now a Tooth 2 with a perfect defense stat is only 12.7 percent behind replenish — the value of the gap diminishes with every new gem — and is 2nd best — even better than Bard’s Amulet.

    Point being, with the base stats going up so much, it doesn’t take much of a fourth attribute to beat some of the older gear that still shows up on the spreadsheet. Same is true of Bilbo’s Cloak 1&2 with a perfect offensive fourth stat.


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