Legendary Gear II: Kabam needs to slow down

cat gearSo, the second the last pieces of Legendary Gear I have been introduced, Kabam has introduced the level II Gears already on their forum, and a level II piece as the prize of the current Masters season 2. And all I can think is: Slow down! The rate of introducing new content and features is in my opinion way too high at the moment.

People haven’t gotten a normal chance to catch up with even level I gear and level II is already introduced/foreshadowed? Why not wait with this for a month or 2 (at least)? This way the game is becoming really unattractive to non-spenders, and even to people like me who spend a little (really not that much) it is getting hard to keep up, certainly not helped by the near constant premiums and the changes to Tokens on which I’ll post shortly.

Anyways, the Gears II have been added to the Hero Equipment article, although the base Attack and Life values weren’t given yet on the forum. They will be filled in and taken into account in the Best Sets article when they are truly introduced into the game, which I hop isn’t too soon. That said, the Gear II is pretty ¬†unimaginative, basically being level I Gears with the 3* attribute changed to a 4* one. So expect little changes to overall Best Sets in that regard as well…

9 thoughts on “Legendary Gear II: Kabam needs to slow down

  1. So went into my gear tab and noticed a Gandalf’s Staff II; made it fresh from the ground up but it seems to have lost its tier 4 attribute. It shows as ? when you tap the icon before you create/claim it; 2smaugs damaged scales. Yikes!!! Glitch or perhaps I was supposed to craft the II onto a previously fully built tier I? Yeah yeah, why did I bother right? Gandalf is Gandalf!
    Next stop forums, reports, ….etc etc….


    • Yeah, seems a few people encountered that. Slight bug? Kabam replied to a thread on the forums stating that you would get a new piece of gear with the 4th stat and you can keep your 3 stat one.

      Also, this gear seems to be getting very powerful… Smaug’s might on merged servers probably would have had to have been increased shortly after this point due to the low might loss per hit and the gain you get from premiums. I mean i’m all for gains but anything above 800% increase in might compared to might loss shouldn’t be possible. And that’s excluding items you get as well.


      • Thank you. I was leaning towards it being simply a visual clue with a patch to reveal but getting to keep the “lesser” item works for me and is no doubt much easier for kabam than having to deal with the demands to return ingredients.
        My little project of turning all my heroes in my troop city into 200k Troop Carriers should actually benefit from this…


    • Let me reply to my own post to address the theme of this line. They are moving too fast if the tier II must be created from the ground up ie. Gandalf staff –>GS I–>GSII etc with all the ingredients req for each stage(pages, ears,scales etc). If you can simply upgrade your current fully operational Death Star.. Er I mean Gandalf’s Staff I, Orcrist I or other Legendary Gear I of choice then … Though nice and player friendly; Yes, they are moving too fast. Perhaps they smell a Sunset, coming soon to calendar near you.


  2. FYI … didn’t see it listed anywhere else, but the gear bonuses for 5* or 12% starting is:
    12.0 – L1
    52.3 – L10


  3. It’s definitely going too fast.. and what I hoped for was that we would get full Hero sets for all legendary heroes with reasonably identical stats and attributes allowing for more different set ups.


  4. I agree that it’s not very imaginative. I was actually expecting it sooner, though. Legendary 1 started coming in right after Season 1 started. There’s still no Legendary II. Perhaps the first piece really will be the reward piece?

    The stats actually make the fourth stat very important to look at. If you have a great piece of Legendary 1 (say, an Orcrist with 4* debuff attack all on the fourth stat), you’ll need an Orcrist II with a 3* debuff all just to match the attributes — and we don’t know the base stat yet.

    The other thing that should be noted, though, is the 5* attributes for troop count. The numbers imply 5* for the others will start at 12%. Will the fourth attribute be able to have 5*? That could make Legendary II more interesting interesting.

    It’s too bad some of the gear wasn’t focused more. What are you supposed to do with a Bilbo with a full set of his Legendary II gear? He’s the only hero that gets bonuses in all 5 slots (perhaps appropriately).

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  5. Yeah, thats absolutly my feeling too… To much updates in less time. So the game gets to stressful/exhausting. Even for us daily players.
    Hopefully not to much advanced players quit the game the next time ;(.
    Cheers from World 262.


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