Lake Town City preview!

ladetown deedFrom friends from a (I believe) Spanish server, we have gotten the first impressions of Lake Town, the new 5th City that will be released shortly. It looks darker and completely different from the previous cities, and the main purpose will be to produce Pearls needed for TT training.

Also given the look of the Lake Town deed to open up Lake Town. These are gonna be incredibly rare during the first few weeks after introduction, so be sure to compete as hard as you can in the ToM that will award them first!


10 thoughts on “Lake Town City preview!

  1. That’s Italian must be an italian server anyway great blog thanks keep it up.

    P.S. I left the game for a year and just got back my 220 Hilad used to kickass now he gets his ass kicked , I cant seem to upgrade him the traditional way . How do I gain EXP? other players have lvl 250 heros , Help!


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